We, the Collective, have chosen to commit vampire genocide against these vile, evil creatures. We ask you, fellow bashers of Cullenism, to join our cause, and therefore accelerate the Plan, by being anti-Gothic, and anti-vampire. We must end this threat, for the Plan must go on. 

The Big BashEdit

We will first strike a coven in Midwest America, in the state of Wyoming. The coven is in a derelict structure somewhere. I, however am limited in my travel radius, as to not arouse suspicion. We rely on you, reader, to act as a proxy, and a hand in the Plan, and cull them from our land. When you find them. Edit this page with a *., and we will do the rest.

P.S. Our condolences and prayers to the victims of the Boston bombings, and to the MIT shooting, and the West Fertilizer plant disaster, the Bangladesh building tragedy, the recent earthquakes, and to the rest of recent demises. This is a solemn P.S.


We will finish our task with the cleansing of the coven. How, you ask?


With artillery(14x)

Ta ra ta ta ta ta.