Truelove Fight

by ErinOfTheCullenClan

Heelo Im writting a nuw stori abot ho Me and Wart save the wold form the evil pokmons that were mad by SATIN!!! I neva wached pokmons befor coz they aren’t Christian and Father James Holden says they are bad for christens to watch, but I sen pics of them so I kno what they lock like OK!!!!!

I hop you like this stori coz I reely like it.


One day me an ward were walling down the rood halding hands when suddenly a YOLLOW DEVIL OF SATIN JOMPED OUT AT US!!!!!!  It was an evil pickacoo. (A/N Pickachoos are devils xoz they have ponty ears like satians hones.)

“WARD HELL I SCREAMED!!!” the pickachoo was locking at us and was makeing noises like it wanned to posses us.

Ward jumpd in font of me and sped at the monstar. The devil was using its unhole powers and I was scarred that ward wold not be Christina anymour. Then ward piked up the pickachoo and thru it high into the sky and it dispeared.

“YOU SAVAD ME!!! I jomped wards arms. Ward huged me bak and kussed me on the fored. Then Father James Holden said

“The word is getting taken ovar by evil creaters called pokmons. The are run by satian and they are the enamy of good christens. We hav to get rid of them or the will take ovar and het rid of all christiens.”

ME and ward were sad for a bit beciaz the evils were here but then Ward sad “Emert and Japper and Alice And rossie and carlise and MC can help us fight them.”

And then I thoght

“And Jay.”

Deadwart locked sad becoz I sad abot Jay but he nuw I woodnt cheet on him with Jay beciz I am a good christen.

We went to find the others


How exsiting, we ar gong to get rifd of all the evil thins from the wold so ony good thigs can live, like TWILIGHT and the bible <)


And then a Charizard ate them all!


Postscript #2:

And then Arceus used Judgement, thus destroying them all.