The Cullen Crest

The Crest Of Cullen, our most holy symbol of worship.

The Cullen Crest is a detail added in the film that doesn't appear in the books. Every member of the Cullens wears it on some sort of jewelery. It shows an arrow, three shamrocks, a lion, and a hand above the lion. The meaning behind such symbols is unknown.

In the Cullenist faith, it has been adopted as a sort of prayer symbol. Most Cullenists have a large version that they either adorn a simple shrine, or stored away until needed. Because of a lack of organization in Cullenism (many of us are scattered throughout the world), the crest is distributed by digital media, and printed up on computers. However, it should be kept safe from stains; a plastic protector (such as the ones to protect autographed cards) is strongly recommeneded, as they are easiest to obtain.

Use in prayerEdit

The Crest is meant for display during all Cullenist prayers and get-togethers. As many male followers and some girls feel uncomfortable with pictures of the Lord Edward Cullen (or do not find him all that attractive, but this is rare), the Crest is a way to avoid such awkwardness.