This is when a troll decides to write a twilight fanfiction.

Edward x JacobEdit

Chapter One

Edward and Bella returned from Volterra,but as soon as they returned a figure came out from the trees.Jacob! Edward gave Jacob a long hard stare from his amber eyes.

"What do you want?" Edward asked.

Jacob then turned to Edward and replied back.

"Edward,there is something I need to tell you.."

But before Edward could ask Jacob ran back in wolf form,into the trees.Totally ignoring anything and everything in his sight.

Chapter TwoEdit

"Hey! Get back here!" Yelled Edward at the top of his voice.Then Edward decided not to go after Jacob and find him in his own time,he and Bella returned to the Cullen house where they were greeted by the entirety of the family.

While the Cullens fawned over Bella and her "bravery" Edward decided to head out and take a walk,completely unnoticed.As he was walking Jacob reaapeared from the trees.

"What now Jacob!?" Edward snapped.

Jacob looked around to make sure he wasn't being watched and said;

"Edward,I was in love with Bella.But I realised how stupid she was so I came to you."

Edward tilted his head in confusion.


Jacob's eyes widened,as if he was giving Edward the puppy eyes.

"I love you"

Edward stared and Jacob in shock.But then he drew closer,blushing he wrapped his arms around Jacob's face and both of their lips touched in a kiss.Bella headed outside to see the commotion and she saw it;Edward and Jacob both standing with their arms wrapped around eachother in loving embrace.