Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is a representation of most delusional fangirls' dreams about men. Throughout the Twlight series Almighty Holy Books of Fail, he is used as a symbol of angst, abusiveness, and faggotry. He's a bit protective but thinks he is a man and wishes to control every aspect of the relationship. He's often made fun of because of him looking like a mutant emo faggot pixie and his need to watch Bella sleep (What else is there to do when your bitchy, whiny Mary Sue of a girlfriend is asleep and you can't) If you're hating Edward, you are one of the few sane people left on earth and will be granted the gift of sprinkle cookies.

99.9% of the world hates Edward Cullen whereas the remaining 0.1% are obssed, hormonal teens/adults who merely like the book because it provides a channel for them to fulfill their fantasy.

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Die Stephanie Meyer. You certainly are the plague of Literature.