The Cullen Crest

The symbol used to summon the Cullens out of their Hell-dimension.

The Cullens are Retarded CorpsesEdit

In the evil scheme of Cullenism, there are four demons and now four demonesses that we heretics pray to; Deadward, Smella, Dr. Acula, Vanilla Mom, Harpo, Alien, Antbrain and Necro-Barbie, each demon can (and probably will) be destroyed by the God-Emperor of Mankind. However, each Cullen demon is a moron in his or her own way.

Deadward is the god of stalking, sexism and sparkling.

Smella is the god of Mary Sues, angst, and necrophilia

Dr. Acula is the god of not curing cancer and insider trading.

Vanilla Mom is the god of servitude and blandness.

Harpo is the god of bloodlust, grimacing, and bad perms.

Alien is the god of shallowness, kleptomania, and fangirls.

Antbrain is the god of dumb muscle, jocks, and cluelessness.

Necro-Barbie is the god of long-dead "beauty" and bitchiness.

In turn, each demon/deemoness can be sacrificed children for different reasons, at differnt times. Some cultists may sacrifice children regularly, others on occasion. Each demon is equally as retarded as the next. There may be different reason you exorcise a certain one, whether it's because they murdered your kids, or because they're your least favorite Cullen, or perhaps it's because their fangirls are especially numerous.