Brewdening Love

WARNING! Here be a Twilight version of My Immortal. Complete with an absolutely appalling lack of grammar, a similar (if not identical plot) and those pesky author notes you see at the front of every single damn chapter, telling critics to f*** off despite asking for reviews at first.

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Written by: ErinOfTheCullenClan

Erin: ok hello everyone I want to let you knwo that I'm the BIGGEST Twilight ever! I've read all the boks and seen da movie -OMFG isn't Cullin HAWT. So hot. ok now iv writon a storie about wut wold happen id I were bella1 Because shes a dirte bithc so i want you to see it and tel moi what you think!! So LOTS OF REVOWS PLZ! lov you God xoxoxoxo

I hud to put my storie up hear becose the meenies at deleated it but I am glad the Jew and the Bird are gone and aint flaming me anymore

Chapter 1 of Brewdening Love

Chapter 1: Genesis

I walked into the room and HE waz siting over by the coner of my english class, prefectly sitting by the corner in a desk. I thought he was a god (Erin: not god God because I luv god and thats blamsphemi, so fuc off sinars) becoz he looked so darmn hot, like that guy who used to be on Smalvile befor he got fat so now I watch supernatural becoz fat man is always in my head now.

I giglied when he lookd at mwah and Edwards looked away seeming to snarlingly. I flacked my long brown hare hoppping to git his atention. I hav long brown hair that reatches my btomm, in a smooth long thing with a hairclip and such. I have hotr eyeliner with lots of blue mascara becoz it goes with moi eyes you see becoz they are blu. and i'm wearing a loose wite blows with a cute leather belt and a long black skirt becoz its sexy but not whory and its a sin to be a whor tunles ur Mary Magdalin, but shes daed anyway.

Edward looked back to me and loked away agin. It was rood and I farroed my brow confusedly at hymn, but decided but hes sex-ah so Ill let him get away with it (The Lord teeches us to forgave).

I walked over, with evry eye on the room on me because Im so darmn H-O-T (I've been told this mnay times so I know it is true( and i sit on his desk and he looks up and has bronze eyes that are sexy in a brewding way (erin: FORSHADOWING!! He is brewdy but if you havnt reed the boks you'd already no that!)

He looks up to me and I look dwn to him loking up to me. He then speaks, in a quiet brewding voice.

"Who are you?" he aks and why are you on my desk?

So i winks at him and tell him he's cute, but then class starts and i sit down and watch him.

He is so hot and I dcide want to be his boyfriend. He looks at me and turns away agin.

So yeeeeeeeah thats my storie tell me what you hink with your revieows! so glad to have writing it i'm happi ass now! GOD LOVES YOU ALL! XOXOXOXOXO! :3

Brewdening Love Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Adem and Ev

Erin: This is mi second chapter, and no reviews. WTF? AShut up you stupid sinnr bitch - YOUR PATHETIC NOT MI. Flaming mi as it is agenst Gods will, four peepole to hate is BAD. And if you do tyou not be aloud in Heathen. So NO FLAMING, CHOOSE LOVE. Anyway Edward is much <3 and so is you reedars. Thnx for reeding! also my carroter is named Joan in this not erin :3 xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Edward dint speak to me for the rest of the clarse and he nevur looked at me agen. I was abit sad but I new that God wood help me threw it. I prey to Him that at the end of class Edward will talk to me. But Edward dint, so i gessed I didn't prey loud enoug.

It waz lunch tiem so I goed and sat buy miself and red the Bible (Erni: It can be a good reed smtimes). I watched as Edwood sat next to a groop of people that had the same looks as him. YOu know, all mystyrous and sex-ah. I wounded who they were

I watched them, they dint ate anythink but wern't annarexic loking so i felt more curious, I wanned to go and talk to him agen. I new he would like me because I am hot and a Crhistian. So i walk over and sit next to him. He looks angry but I dint care. “Hi Iam Erin, I waz in Yore clarse this Mourning.” I say and they all star at me.

They were all dressed in Abbacromby and Filtch clothes, the girls in briggt colours and the boys in not bright colours but not dark either except edward who was in a sexi dark brwn hoodie and blak jeans. I suddenly knew they were a familt and I coulnt believe how hot the hole family are. Rosalie and Alice, the only girls, were perfect and hot like the veronicas but not emo and slutty. (If it wasn’t agenst my religion to be homo, I would say they were sexah) Then there was Japper, who was too kute and made me fell so clam wen I looked at hymn and he look like Matt Thiessen. Emmett was bigger than eny bodybuilder I had ever seen befour and look like Jon Cooper from Skillet. But no one could compet with Edward. He was the Hottest by far and loocked like Joel Bruyere (,3<3<3,#<#!)

“Why are you sitting here?” Edward asked all growly like. I smile at hymn becoz it seemd a good growl.

“Because I want to get to now you, silly. My nam is Joan St. Sanctuary Louisa-Smithe. You're hot and i lik you a fuckload” I replied, fluckering my eyelids in a sexy wey.

"I'm Edward Cullen." He said not happily. Edward dint look impressed but I new he wood liek me soon. He might of already aktuly. He smelled but then he hiden it with scowl and then they all looked at eachuher for like a minute akwardish like last year when my sis lied that she was gay to evryone and had to go to camp

“C’mon, lets go.” He said to his family and they all left. I was left sitting at the table. I dint get why he dint want to now mi. I wandered if their was something wrong with me and thats why he dint like me.  It was time to go to biology so I leave and go there.

Edward was in Biology too. He was sutting buy himself at a table. I walk over in a sexah wey and sit next to him, winning at him. He looked mad at me, i dint no why but ten he didn't look too made anymore. I had been freindly the hole time an mabye it was werking.

The teacher started to talk so I listened to him, Edward was still staring at me madly agin but fuck him he'll come arond becoz I love him.

SOOOOOOOOOO HOW THAT?! betta I think i'm getting into this quit alot becoz twillielight is an orsum. I love Edward and the Krillians, even Jacob and them. Thankx for roding and plz review to tle me what you thank!!1111 <3<3<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Brewdening Love Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Collisions

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Biologee went on for a while but then it ended. There was another class but Ed wasnt in it so it don't matter and then the day was ovar.

I waited for him after class, and my friend Jenny Donna came up to me. (Erni - ok yeah Blla moved to Forks recently in the bok but in my versin I've bin here a while, like for 2 months but it was summa holidays so thats why I havn't seen the Cullings b4 now but no sum1 OK?1?)

"Hey girl how r u?" I ran up and hugged her tightly. She smiled happily at me. Jenne was wearing a blu hoodie with a cute pink bunneh on it, and a long pink skirt and she uis also a blone with similar hair to mine, in a long straight doo. She looks like the leed from Evanescence, but with putple makeup and mascara and Christan.

"Hey grl how are you! I haven;t seen you for like a week." She enquieered happily.

"Yah hey girl, sorryt. about that. I saw this major hotty in class today, his name is Edwerd Collin. You've been here a lot longe than moi so wut do you know of hymn and hys familiy?"

"Well their REEEEALY secretive and stuff and unlike any click you May of seen at your old school. They are real broding and misterious, but UBAH hot. I like Emmet a lot." She admited errotically.

"Ya he's ok but I like Edward and I think he liks me. He smiled at me but it was almost sif he caldn be with me for sum reeson. So then what do you no then, I'd like to meat him?" I told.

"O well he lives in the mountain I herd. He is also ovah there and ALONE! Go girl, go!" I looked to where she was pointing and then I smelled at her and ron to him. He was leaving bi the main entrance when I had bean silly enough to leave by the side!

He looked over to me as if he cold smill cumming for him. He smiled, but then stopped and scowed at me, but I didn't mind because he's actually more sexah when he scrows.

"Hey Edword how are you. You look even sexiah in the sunlight." I said, admiring his pale skin. It was like a Jap Geisha/Goth, except normal at the same time and really relaly hot.

"NO JOANE DON'T CUM NEAR MI!" He screemd and ran away. I ran after him yelling at him to stop and we went into the car park.

He leapt up onto a car all althetically and dissapaered into bushes behind the car. I frowned and felt sad. Maybe I had been ron about hymn liking me which was not happi at all. But then I heard a noise, like a bus comming towards me. I looked around and saw...................................................................................A BIG BUS CUMING AT ME!1111


OH NO THATS NOT GOOD! Well you'll hav to see what happens in the next chapta. thank you for reeding this and the character od Jenny is actually based on my freind Jenny, so LOVE YOU GIRL!1 Anyway thnks again and please leave good reviews. GOD LOVES YOU ALL! :3

Brewdening Love Chapter 4

4 – Savoir

A/N: SRSLY STOP FLAMMING! You heethans I mean seriously! I onlt be rude to peepl who are being rude to me. In da story the charcater is nomed Joan but MY NAM is Erin Locklea! SO STFU! n i no Amee Lee was a Chrustian, thats why i lik her! DID I BAG HER NO! Bad sinnares seriously stop mk? BE NICE. So anyway this is my 4th chapter. I am getting more excited wen i write this. I hope you get excited two - and thnx to all the NICE CHRISTIN REEDERS FOR LOVE :3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Their was a sreech of tires and a clod of dust. I closet my eyes because I was to scared to mauve. Everything went still and then i opened my eyes. The bus had stopped only inches from my head!!!! I blinkered and tryed to see why the bust had stopped. There was a dint in the fount of it but I couldn’t see anyone. It was ass if som1 had come and STOPPED THE BUS TO SAVE MI!

I was still scared and shakey but i walked off the road and onto the sidewalk. Jenny was creaming at me but I couldn’t here her probably. The bus driver looked shocked and he got out of the bus to apocalypse. I nodded in a way to tell hymn I didn't blame hymn because i couldn’t talk yet.

Then I saw something move from behind the bus. I couldn’t see probably, but i think it was Edward - there wore amba eyes glisening in the doost! But he was gone befour I could get a good look. The bus driver whent away and so did Jenny and I went home.

I ignores my dad when I got in because he would of had a hard day fire figgthn and who wants to be annoyed? Im good chrsitian. That night I was laying in bed, I couldn’t fell aslep because of what had happened with the Bus. I watched the dark shadoes on the celing and thought about what Jesus would do if he was in my position. You know, if he had ever rly loved and the bible didn't no. I couldn’t think of anything so I guessed Jesus had never loved in THAT wai b4 so he wouldn’t now.

I felt the bed sink beside me and I rolled over to see amb eyes watching me. Edward was sitting there watching me!!1 He smiled but i was to supplies to say anything.  He moved closer to me opaque window and put a cold arm around my shoulders. I shivered but it felt good.

“whgat are you doing here?” I asked him confused and he giggled.

“Too see you, obliviously.”

I was so happy that he had come to see me. I knew he would like me. And i was right. We had a little talk about nothin in purticular, but it was becuming lear he wanted to b with me. I wanted to coddle him but then he got up quickly and ran away, like he culdn't be with me realy.

I was confound because i dint know why he left. But I was happy that he comed and saw me anyway so  feel aspell and dremt about Edward. :3

The next day at school everone was talking about me and the bus because It should have hit me. I said that God saved me because of my believe in him and in a wai he did. Edward is an angel. I dint tell any1 that i fought it was Edwood though incase they laught at me.

“I think it was Edward that saved me.” I told Jenny because I new he wouldn’t laugh. “Oh my god gurl, how?” She asked all excited.

“I think he jumped in front of it and stopped it.” I told her because I was excited. “And then he came to my house last night.”

Jenny was excited to because Edward had come to my house. We started talking about him and who hot he was when a vocal said from behind us.

“What are you talking about?”

I turned around and Edward was standing there looking like an angel from heathen. Jenny looked at him too with her mouth open because she fought he was hot to but she said I could have him because she wanted Jasper.

“Um, nothing.” I said all embarrassed and with a red faeces

The Edwards family came in, so he left. b4 he did though he patted me on the soldier and winked, asking me to follow hiM! So he had to go. I got up and fallowed him.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Confesson

Hello everyone! Thanks for reeding this far in1 but I want to take a moement to address the flammas. OK IM GOING TO IGNOR YOUR NONESENSE FROM NOW ON SO SHUSH MMMK? So be nice, which is better. think of the site as a neighborhood - be nice to da neighbars, ya? cool and thanks to all the GOOD REEDERS OUT THERE

ooo "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." - Bible, Acts IX. 5 ooo (Seeing the site dosn't lik my diverders, the first devider will be a Bible quote from now on that is relovant to the chappy! or this case the autha not :3)

Edwerd walked on and on and we cmae into the woulds. It had been a long walk but I was tired and wanted to know why we didn't drive. He said he didn't own a care, which is pretty wierd but then agin out here who knows how people live. We walked on and on and then we stoped. We were in the woords deep now and at the base of....................................a small motanny hill!

"Hey Edwad wtf are we out here?" I asked in a sexahly, because maybe he'd taken me out here for  some fun or somthing.

"Joan I have somethong to tell you." he said and looked sad all of a sudan. I wanted to hug hymn better.

"What do you have to tell me?" I asked, but not sexah this tim.

"Joan, I lik you a lot but I have a horrible secret." He sed brewdingly. A small teir flopped down his cheek, and I felt even sadder and kind of bad at the same time.

"Joan, i'm not like otther guys."

"I KNOW that silly," I laughed happily

"No, you don't get wut I meen." he turned and shivverd and looked sad even more. I frowned. Why was he sad? :'(

He looked back and spoke more. "Joan I'm actually an vampire."

I gasped! OH SHIT, A VAMPTRE?! That's like really unholly and not good at all, i thought. I felt sad and scared but I sort of liked hymn still, he'd been alone with me a few times I thot so maybe i could hear hymn out because I don't think he was going to ate me. I was still scared though and wish I had of worn my hawt leather uggs instead of the heals 2day incase I had to ron.

"A vampire? But I can't be with you if your a vampire because I'm a Chrisnt!" I told hymn, tears falling from my eyes like a tap.

"He looked mortified and his face was a scrowly durpreshun. he continued and edged closure towards me. "Joan it's ok. I'm not like other vampirs, my clan is different. We embarase the Lord and His weighs. I am a christina vampite!"

I stopped being sad and smiled at hymn. "Why is it bad then?"

"Because" He said brewlingly, "I think you smell nice and I'm afried I'll eat you still. I can't b wif you."

I gsped. He wanted to eat me, which wasn't good, but there was something abot hymnb that I couldn't resist. He was uba hawt and now a nice guy 2. I new he was the only won for me. I walked up to him and took hymn by the hand and leened into his sexah mussular chest.

"We will work thru it. I love you."

He said nothing and we stood there for a bit, and then we went back to town.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 6

6 – SunShine!

Heyo to every1! so nice to see you all again! :3:3:3 I had a wondeaful day today, because 2day I spend da day with Jenny! ^_^ We went shopping witch we had not done for a LONG while, and I bought a cute as T with bunnehs on the sleeves, so I'm in a grate mode! I'm complatly ignoring haters, because in the end sinnars want to be hatful you just have to ignore them. So heres to da storie!!!11 XD

oooooo"We love Him because He first loved us." John 1 4:9-10 (Naww)oooooo I dremt about Edward that night. He was standing in a medhow and the wind was blowing softy. He was standing there ONLY in black pants and he was reely riped and sex-ah. His wind was blowing through his orburn hare, and his brewding amba eyes looked at me so devinely. I wanted to walk up to hymn and hug hymn, but then I woahk up. I lied there and thought how sexy he had looked in the meadow, I really likd him alot. I didn't kno if we were togather thow, so I decided to fined hymn and ask tomorrow at school. The next day at school i found hymn asked hymn. “are we going out?” I asked uncertainly, twizzling my adorbale red hare (I had died it a little while ago for a new look) Edwerd locked at me because he was studying for that Biologee clas (eRin - SEE, CONTINUNITY!). “Yes, but I can neva be truly with you due to the hungar for your bloood.” Said Edward, sadily. I froned. ” And there is something I want to show you after school.”He spoke. I was excited because Edwards wanted to see me after school and i wondered what it was he wanted to show me. All day at school i thought about what it mighr be, and hoped it wasn't anything evel or that (He was still a vampire you no, im just givving a 2nd chance). After school we met in the carpark and he led me to his car. It was a dark blue with silver rimming that looked reely nice. I got more excited as he opened the door for me and then got in the other side. He then sped out of the carpark and took me to da forrest to..............his house!!1 :O His house was big and not 'modurn' in style ast all - it looked like a big Gotic/Romantic stile church but smaler and with more rock on the outside in that nice style peeple use to coat thier homes in rock. He took me inside and introduced me to his mother - MC and his father Carlise. They were nice though kinda boring and we talked for a while but then then took me up to his room where he had lots of Relient K CDS and a big bed. “I am going to show you what happens when i go in the sun.” He told me and loked ice sex-ahly. ;3 He then took off his shirt and stepped in front of a window. The sun shone on him and then he started to sporrkle like a diamond!!1 He looked so hot n obviously werked out. He looked exactly like in my dream because he was wearing black pants and had taken off a slimfit black tee from Abercrombu and Fitch. He smiled at me and then stepped away from the window and sat on his bed, i sat down next to him then I asked. “I thought vampires didn’t sleep?” “They don’t but it looks nice.” He told me and then he laid down and I laid next to him. He was all sexah lieing their, and I snuggled hymn. He rolled over and coddled me and i coddled him back and we started to kiss. I had don it before but my tongue had nevar felt fangs when doing it b4! I took off his shirt and then he took off my pink top (BUT I STILL HAD TH BRA ON SO SHUSH). Then Edward was on top of me and we caresed. Then I felt something as he leened down again! “No STEP IT! NO1” I yelled and Edward rolled off me looking confused and sad agin. “I can’t do this yet," I look at hymn and frown because I'm sad for bof of us. "I am a Christen and we can’t have sex until we marri.” Edward looked sad at me and said, “it’s ok, i wont hurt you” and then he hugged me again, but got whoreny and tried again but this time i pushed him off and put all my clothes on. “You have to marri me first! I want it 2 but WE CANNOT!!” Edward put his clothes back on to and looked sad. I felt sad too because he looked sad (and had his shirt back on he he ;p). “It’s ok, we can try again later but if we do it now god will be mad. Remember what it says in the bible - DO NOT WAIST YOUR SEED.” Edward said he understood and then we just coddled instead even though deep down I really wanted to do it with him because he was big and sexy, but i loved god too much and I didn’t want to go against my religion.You shuould always stick to whta you belive. Edward took me home that night and I walked in to see my father sitting at the table eating. He had had a hard day at work as the Mayor but he had cooked me diner so I sat down with him and we started to talk. ‘where ytou been Joan?” He asked “At my boyfriends” I said and dad looked shocked “You have a girlboyfriend?” He asked “Yes his name is Edwed Cillen.” Dad didn’t look happy so i left coz he's an asshole sometimes but I luv him and went to my bed and went to sleep so I could dremt about Edwars and what we wod do tomorow. Menwhile, little did I know it there was another Vampire who thought I smilled yummy - AND HE WAS CUMMING TO GRT ME!!!!!!!111111111 :o


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Brewdening Love Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Family Tyes

Hey everyone!!!!1 I've got over 20 rewievs, that's epick! To the fake Christian who doubts my faith - How Dare YOU dowt my faith!?!?!11 I shal not be put of the Lord's paht because of FAKERS lik you. Believe means that we have to stick togather and be nice, so be nice and nt bitchee if you da reel deel mmk? THANK YOU! ;)Thank you all 4 reeding this far; I'm reely happy and God Bless You All! Have a nise day and please, NO MOR FLEMMING!11111  "Go, and do thou likewise." Thnks all! :3 xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

ooo "Bear one anotter's burdens." - Luke ooo

It was da next day and I was having brekfast (Erin: Coco Pops, yah! :D) and dad passed me the molk. He still seamed a bit mad, but as I said last chapter he can be an asshole so I ignor him.

"So Joan tell me more aboat Edward." Asked Dad.

I was scholked! Dad has never wanted to know about my boyfrends b4; it was so unlike him to give a shit even when he was not drinking!

"Well" I started, "He's about my age, he's in a few on my classes and he's really ubeh hawt. We met a while ago and now we r going out!" I didn't tell him about the pormiscuity though, because it wasn't Edwerd's falt I just smelt that god for him. I thought and frowned because it seamed it might be hard to overcome da bloodlust.

"That is grate Jone! I am hapapy for you!"

"Thanks dad!" I hugged him then left because he'd hit the bottle soon and becum a total fuckhead. Sometimes i wonder if he's even my fater.

Edwred was at school when we arrived, and he introdouched me to his family propper.

"Hey I'm everyone, Joan!! And I'm currently dating your spunky bro here!" I said and hugged him tightly. He blushed and huggled me back. :3

"Yeah, I herd." Said Rosalie.

"Has he told you we're Vampires?" Asked Alice askingly.

"Yah he has, and apparently I smell hawt!" I roared happily.

Everyone laurfed but then went serious. Emment told me seriously: "It's tru tho. I suffest you be careful until we adapt to your scent. We have to b carful around you for a while mmk?"

I nodded, and Jenny pooped into my mind. I had to tell Jaser! "Oh btw Japster," I told Jasper adorabliy, "My friend Jenny thinks your a big and sexy guy. I'll tell her abot the Christian Vampire thing and you 2 can date ja?" He blushed and nodded. (Erni: See Jen-Jen, I DID THIS FOR YO!!! ;2)

We were getting along great after awhile and soon we walked into the Cafeterra. I was talking about the girls and dressing tips - I was wearing a long white sweater with a flooing red skirt and stocksings and heals, and my hair was in epik ponytails and I had red mascara. They were wearing nice things too. We talked and talked, and then they all froze, and Edward........smacked me to the ground!!1 :o



Hope you like that, and I hope you like th dayt wifth Emment Jenny! :D An thanks to all you out there, really I love you all. Next chapte is an EPIC FIGHT BETWEEN.................EDWARD AND JOMES! :O Dun Dum Dun! See, I'm deviating from da book now. I'll be using 'creative sinnarios' now! ENJOI! :D

Brewdening Love Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Music

Eirn: The excliting conclusion to the fight in the previous chapter! :O Also, again thanks to all who have red this far - may the Lord bless you and the Lord keep you until the tim comes you passeth unto his relm. Also, Jenny says hi! xD

ooo "Fight the good fight." 6:12, Timothy 1 ooo I screamed loudly as Jomes crashed into me. I fliaded my arms around, and his teef came out and RIPED INTO MY ARM THOUGH MY WHITE SWEETER!!111 I scrome and failed my legs about and somhow hit him in the groin and he got off. Da girls dragged me away as best they vould, and everyone else was screaming and running arond withe room! Jomes rawred at me and I could see da Blodlost in his eyes and it was scarry! I got up to may feet and Jasper protected me as Iminant and Edsare came onto Jams! Emmertt smacked the fukca into the ground and Edward jumped on top of him and started beating him pu! Edward looked so sexi as he pounded into Jawms. I was cring because I was sad that Edward would be hurt. JAMES KICKE DEDWAD OFF!!!!111 :O :O :O :O! THERE WERE FLYIG EVERYWHERE!!!!111 Da tables got nocked over as they flew about the room, and everyone was strill screaming who had staied. Alice and Rodemary escorted me to the doors. “What are they going to do to him?” I asked alice. “They are going to burn him if they kick his ass!” Jasser told me. I knew they would do that too kill him. So he wouldn’t try to ate me again. Jenny took me outside and we sat on a table outside. I was nervous not only because of Edward but because I was still kind of beleding from Jame's bite, and they were Vampires. But then Edward came over to me and haggled me. “It’s okay he is gone now. Ement is going to take care of the body. Why don’t you come back to my place?” Ok i said and went with Edward to his house. The parents were out hunting for dear (Edward tol me that's how they eat, they don't eat people which makes me happy) and went to the lounge. The girls went somewhere and so did Jsaper - we were alone. I was still a bit sad but Edward hugged me and i felt better. "Why did that happen? Who was that Edward?" I asked unhappy but in his arms. "That was James. He is a problem vamtpie from another clan. He still ates people. But now he is dead and he'll nether bother you again. But now listen, there is something I want to show you." He walked over to the radio and turned off Relient K, then walked sexah to the piano. I was excited as he sat down at his piano and started to play a song. As he played it became clear Edward was such a good penist. It was B Minor but i couldn't recognise the song. It soundsed nice and organy like Catherdrals sometimes have playing. It was so beautiful that i cryed again, but in a good way. As he played to me and i smiled happy and forgot what had happend earlier. The window smashed open and OH NO IT WAS JHAMS AGAIN!! ;'o (Erin - HE RUINS EVERYTHING FOR JOAN@!) "ARGH!" I creamed and ran behind Edward who stood up from his piano and started to fight James again. "I thought Emmlet burnt him!!1” I sad sadly as Edward threw him back out the window and leppet after him. I ran out too to watch as Edward bashed James again. His fists smashed into and already broken faice. Then out of no where came Em (Erin - Ok I'm shortening it to Em because I have troulve with his name - I do this for you, kind reeders!) and Rose and Alice and Rose. They grabed james and kniocked him the fuck out. >:3 ‘He will stay dead this time.’ Edward told me as he ran over to me and swept me into his arms. "He wont hurt you agsin." I nodded and kissed him and he kissed me back and he took me inside again anfd to his room. He put me on his bed and layed me down. And sat next to me, he stroked my hair as he hummed to me. I was still upset by all the fighting but he made me feel better. I went to sleep next to Edward. Edward told me he would question Em how James could stillbe alive in the morning. When I woke up it was dark and I realised I was back in my own house. Edward was sitting nexct to me smelling at me. I sqat up in bed. ‘Did you bring me hear?’ ‘Yes I did” ‘you’re so sweet’ I told him and coddled him playfully. ‘so are you.’ He told me and laid next to me. I looked at how sexi his hair was and how sexi his eyes where. He wasn't wereing a shirt. I flicked his nose softly playfuly and he liked my finger and protented to nibble it. I giggled and he did too. Then I feel asleep again. As I slept I had a Nighthorse about james. He had come back alive and he was shooting at me with a gun and telling me he would eat me agter. I was running but i couldn’t run and then he jumped on me and i went black. Wenty I woke up the next morning he was gone, but his scent lingered in my nostrals. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thanks agan for reeding. Anyway, I'm thinking of having a competition! I want a nother character in my story, so give me a basic description and yeah you'll b in soon. Cya next time! xoxoxooxoxoxoxox

Brewdening Love Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - What happends because of bertrail


Everyone else, who is nice, I welcome you back. Enjoy the story! Also, sorry Jenny but Emmery is going to die. :( We'll talk tomorrow when you're over k?

ooo "Be ye angry, and sin not." - Ephesians ooo

Today I woke up, got dressed into my blue sheep skin lined sweater, blue Natural fit jeans, the leather uggs and applied Liberal (erin - not that I am oen) blue mascara and Sweet Rose colour lipstick before I waled out early in the morning to da Cullen house to see what was happening because of James.

The tazi let me out and he asked for the fare, so I paid him and he left which was good because he smelt like fish. I walked into the doors and MC said hello. I said hello back and walked into the lounge room where evry1 was. (Ering: fuck that was an longf descryptshun sorry!)

Em was bound and gagged in the middle of da room!

"WTF is goig on?!1/?" I asked loudlty, socked to see him like that - HE HAD BEEN BEATEN HIM IN THE FACE!111 And looked sad.

"He did n'tburn Jume!" Edward roared pointing at him with a scrowling fac. "He beatrayd us!"

I looked at him - cold it be true!? I frowned. Everyone in the room looked sad, except Edward who looked pissed and seaxhi.

"We trusted him with your life and he betrayed the entire clan!" Edwoed told "And he must die!"

It didn't seem fair to me, because even Judas was forgiven - if da Collens were cHristians why couldnt they too forgave?

"No, give him a second chance!" I proclaimed, "LIKE JESUS DID JUDASS!!1"

Every1 looked at me, even MC who had bought in cookies for everywon. Edward walked up to me ands put a mussular hand on my soldier.

"Joan we can't let him live. The Load's commandment is 'Thou shall not kill' and he has helped someone try to koll. Beyond that he has betrayed the clan  -the clan is not a reel family. We are from different people. But we bound togather because of our values and stuff. He has to di for betraying it all for a meany."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!1" I cried, and cried, and cried! I raqn over to Em and hugged him and told him Jen loved him because I new he was going to die :'(

Then they surrounded him and killed him with a bat to the head. I ran out, tears flapping from my face as I ran through the door and out into the woods, teary and sad! For the first time ever I was annoled with Edward.


OMG HOW MEAN! I can't believe Edward did that, but I still lov hymn. But Jon (AND SHE IS A DIFFERENT PERSON >: () feels bad. :( Lets hope she gets better. Also, ENTER FOR THE COMP!!!!!!!111111 And again sorrty Jenny! Reely I am. Tomorrow at 1 ok? CYA DOLL! ;)

Brewdening Love Chapter 10

CHAPRER 10 – Braking Harts.

Ok flamerd stop plesase! FUCK OFFFF NOWWWWWWW!!111 It's not nice but yuo know what screw you me and Jen think youre mean old ladied with no fucking LIFE!!!!!!!!11111111111 SO SCROW YOUUU!!!!!!!!! Anyway everyone else LOVWE YOU! :3 xoxoxoxocoxxooxox And another thin - I will call Edward Ward from now on becorse I think Ward is a better nickname for him. It makes him sexah and myster

oooo "Let the mistaken not nice guy forsake his way." - Isaiah oooo

I ran into my room and slammed the door shut behind me. Dad had followed me to my room and reopened the door. “Joan? What is happened?” he asked “I hate Ward, I never want to see him again!” I cryied sadly at him. I couldn’t believe that he had killed Em! :( “Ok then I'll be out hear if you need to talk.” Dad said and left me alone. He wasn’t good with emotional stuff and always coped out when I neded someone. I laid on my bed and cried into my polliw. I hated him, how could he kull Emmet, it wasn’t Christian!? Why couldn’t they forgive like tin the Bible? I knew the only reason Emm hadn’t burnt Jemes is because he was following the Lord's tee-chings, 'Thous Shall Not Kill'. I got bored of being in my room after a while and went out the black to think. Out the back was our gardener and he was name Fertado. He had a mousetaste and had tan skin and smutty overalls. He waved hello to me but I ignored him, I didn’t fell like talking to anyone. “Whats wrong?” he asked me, and I couldn’t avoid him. Don't people know I want to be left alone?! >: ( “Boyfriend.” I said shrugging “Oho,” he said, “No good?” “No,” I said trying to not get into a convarsation with him. “If you need to talk to me you can.” He told me, i nodded and walked away. I went back inside and unto my room, however in the corner sat Ward. He smiled a croked smile as I sat down by i glared at him, tyhough he looks nice in the black cargos, the brown Hoodie (which was zipped harve weigh to show his bear chest :P) “What are you doing here?!" I yelled at him. “I came  to see you.” He repeliedreplof I sat on the bed but I was not happy at. “I’m sorry I made you sad, eJoan.” Ward said looking sad too. I looked at him feeling bad for being angry at him but I was still upset with him and he did sort of look adorable sexa. “Is there anything I can do to make you like me again?” Ward said looking concened. I tried to think. I didn’t know what to do, there was nothing that could make him better for killing his brother. “Don’t do it again.” I told him and he came over and hugged me. “I promise I never will.” Wrad told me and came over to huggel me. I snuggled into his chest and I wasn’t angry at him anymore. "How will you Repent?" I asked as I snoffled into him more. "I'm going to church tomoorw, come with me please." "Mk." I replied. "What did you do with the body?" "I burnt it and buried it." We hugged, but I was still afriad of James who was out there wanting to eat me bloo. He was watching through da window! :o


Ok seriously flamers. NO ONE LOVES YOU. NO ONE. EVERYONE WHO TOLD YOU THOU DID IS A LIE AND THEY TOO ARE HELL BOUND LEST YOU REPENT! BE NICE FFS. IT ISN"T HARDDDDDDDDDD!!!!1111 Also comps still open and i had a nice day with Jen. I bought a new notebook YAY! I draw Ward sometimes.

Brewdening Love Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Redempshun

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Firstly: Exodus 20:2-5a Basically, you are making Edward to be a god, therefore making an idol. That's one sin.

Look Ward is not an idle infact i've had JOAN be made at him evan! To warship sumthin you need 2 LOUVE IT UNCONDIDIONALLY. WARD IS NOT A GOD YOU STUUUUUUUPID BITHC!!111111

Secondly: Matthew 7:12 "Do for others what you would like them to do for you. This is a summary of all that is taught in the law and the prophets."

Another "sin", but still the point. You whine and flame others, expecting compliments.


Thirdly: Luke 12:1-12 This is a large passage, so I won't type it. However, the gist of it is Jesus warning others against the Pharisees and hypocrites. You are, again, acting like a childish hypocrite.


Finally, Revelation 22:19 "And if anyone removes any of the words from this prophetic book, God will remove that person's share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book."

Although you haven't raped Revelation yet, the point stands: you took Bible verses and cut them to your own advantage, making yourself seem high and mighty.

Take that. *spits at Erin's feet*


ooo "Flamers are asshoes with no lif" - THE LORD ooo

It was Sunday and I woke up earli and dressed in acasual owtfit of blak hoodie with button up things and blacktrackpants when I used to be fat (Ern: Black is blah-k lol see what I did there?) and white sneakers because my blak stilletoes wouldnot go with it and I don't own other black shit. I also wore da usual madeup. I wore black becose I was going to church with Ward and it made sense to morn for Em. I kno Em would have wanned to be remembared.

I walked along the road and reflexed on Em's life. He seemed so nice, so why had he beetraid us all for the evil ames? I walked along the road and was sad and, everyone I walked by left me alone beca I look sad. (Erin: Note picture me walking alone with Switchfoot's Ment to Live - yeah, THAT SAD :'()

Then I was at the church and Ward was there, standing sodly in a fitted black suit and dark gold tie. He was in pain becorse he had to kill his Vampie brothelr. I walked sadly to hymn and hugged hymn but he pushed me away and howled in pain. Then he punched the Church door and cried.

"Warfd! No, it'll be ok" I cooooed  and hugged hymn, trying hard not to squeexe his hard pecs.

"I cannot believe he did it, or that I killed him Jone!" He cried and I stayed with hymn for a moment as he sobbed then pushed hymn through the door so we could go pray.

We walked Solomonly up the aisle. The church was empty, not even the priest was there. It was very beautiful inside, with ornape colour glass pictures in the windows, and candles everywhere. We sat in the head pew together and I held Ward's hand. he had to do this for him self.

"Oh Father who art in Heaven, Blessed be thy name, I, Edward St. Paul Cullen, but one of your fock have beesmerched your gift of life! Deer Fatter, yesterday I killed a man who unto then had been lik a brtother to me. He loved me and I loved him (Erin - Guys can love eachother, just not in the ass) but he beetrayld my trust and the safety of my lover, Joan St Sanctuary Louisa-Smith, for an evil unholy being who doth not belive in you. Although I do not expect forgaveness, Deer Lord, I want to let you know I am sorry and when the time comes I expect your judgement to be as it shall be. Thank you Lord for your patients. Amen"

I smiled at hymn, a tear dribbling from his sexah Amba eyes. He had done a first step to inner piece until his Judgement came, and i had a feeling the Lord would be kind and understanding becorse it was to apparently save my life. We walked out togather.

Then, he turened to me, kissed and ran away. I had helped hymn and would see him tomorrow at skool. :3 I went to the local store and bought an ice cream, it was raspberry and made me happy. After I left:

"Hey there girl, that looks yummy! Hawt outfit, tho why in blak?!?!?"

It was Jenny! She didn't know about Em! :'O


SO maybe Ward will be on the recovery and Joan will forgave hymn. But poor Jenny, HOW WILL SHE TAKE THE NEWS>!?!!1/1 Find out next time. Also, contest closed becores I cbf xoxoxoxoxoxoxozzoxoxoxox

Brewdening Love Chapter 12

12 – Troubels

LOOK YOU SINNA BITCHES IF YOU DON"T LIKE MU STORY THEN FUCK OFF ALREADY OR SUGGEST HOW I CAN GO WITH IT YOU RETARDS!!!1 Seriously you poeple are mean and unhelpful. And to the hore who spat at me again - *SPIRTS IT YOUR FACE* :@ FFS STOP BEING RPICNEKDS!!!11111111111111111111

ooo "The best things come after the worset." - Father James Holden, LOVE YOU!!! ooo

I stared to cry as I told Jenny that Em had been kulled. She was really sad and she starred screaming because she luved him more than anything. She did look reely nice in her scarlet dress with grey stockings though besides the added blue streaks (Ering: See those are her teers and I AM BEING CREATIVLY ARTISTICV!). I new she was really angry so I tired to help her out. I brought her an ice-cream and she clamed down. I told her that Em had died becorse he did not want to go aganst the Lords teechings, and eplain what had happened but left out Ward had killed him. This made Jenny a little happier becorse she wasn't sobbing now, so I guess she was happy that he followed the faith with all his might (Erin: Even though it was a stupi thing and really showled of been overlooked.) I decided to take her hoem to my place were we could grive together and maybe watch a movie. When we got hoem, no one was home except our gaurdener (no not Fernando becorse this one worked only on Sundays). “Hello Jacob.” I said “Hello.” Jacob said back. He was an Indian America with long black hair and always smiling despite the fact he worked most of the time I saw him. “Whos that?” Jenny asked as we waled to my room “Thats your gardener, Jacob Black. He works with Fernando becos he is old.” I told her. “Oh hes hawt.” Said Jenny, "Yeah I guess so but I've already found someone>" I said back, recalling how Ward's peckers felt in my hands earlier. I needed to marry this boy! “Oh yes so Em's fooneral is this Wednesday? So yeah the Dullens have said you can come.” I sad but she wasn’t listening. She was going out to see the Gardener, the sexah Mr Black (though he's actually tanny). I fallowed her and she was talking to the guardener, I sat and watched them then Werd appeared at my side. He fell from the roof; he was so sexahly athetic like that that he could do that shit and not get hurt. “Hello,” He said to me and he kissed my check. I hufed him and he huggled me back. He was still in the suit from b4. "So where did you gO?" I asked, trying to sound hot aspossible. "I had to leave Joan, your blood was too tempting in such despait!" I frowned, and he looked away brewdingly. We had to talk about the bloodlist soon. :/ “Whos Jenny?” He asked “Oh she's the friend who liked your bro that I told you about the other day. She is ok about his death, I told her about Em, but she doesn't know how it happened so yeah. She is talking to Fenando now. He is our gartiner." Ward smiled a crocked smile at me and payed with my hair. I asked if he wanted me to grow it out and he said yes. I will. 'Thats good then’ he said to me and we left Jenny with Jacub and went up to my room. What happemed to jams? I quested ward/ I hadn't forgotten the lurking menace. ‘He is still after you,’ Ward said sadlyer this time. ‘I woll kull him this time.’ I knew ward would protect me so I was happy. We laid toether and huged and pashed a bit and then Jenny came in. "OMFG JOSAN GIRL, I am going out with Jacob now.” She said all exsitedly.(Erin: See, I knew you liked Jacob. Sorry about Em, but I think we know how to make this work) I was so happy for her. He was indeed hot and she needed someone new. “And guess what, he can turn into a Wearwoof!” Word sudenly looked heppy and stroked his chin. “Maybe we can ask him to help! Wearwilfs are not enemis with Vampires like in novels and movies and stuff. He can kill jomes when he turning into a wolf!’ "OMG I" said, "how good, I can be safe and now you don’t have to go against the LORDS will just in case I mean." he had killed but I dunno if the Lor would overlook two deaths. :/ Ward was really happy now and he rang Alice and Japper to tell him that the werewolf would probably protect me. Alice and Japper came over to my house and we all sat round talking about how Jacolb would protect me and strategy to defeet James! Then there was a nock at the door and....................EM CAME INTO!



Brewdening Love Chapter 13

13 – Dishiscions SEE? ONE. GOD. REVIEWR! Thank you, unless your a pretender in witch case FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!11111 All you other bitches can fuk off because NO ONE LIKS YOU! I've had a boyfriend, HAVE YOU!> NO DIDN"T THINK SO! Anyway, Jenny wasn't really into the whole "now with Jacob" thing so that's why he's aliv. I can make use of him tho so all good. Review nicely, and Lord bless.

ooo "True love comes only from both hardshit and ease." - Book of Ruth ooo

We all stood there grasping, we couldn’t belive that Em was still alive! Or at least that's how it locked to me, but something seemed off. “OMG,” said Jenny who ran into his awaiting arms (eri: NAWWWW :3 See Jen?), “What are you doing being alive when you are dead!?’ Em cam and sat with us at the table. Jen was sat next to him. “Whats the plan?” said Em determinationally. WHAT DO YOU MEAT?!?1" Word asked angstyily angrily. "How are we going to beet Jomes?” Em said looking confucioused “Your death I kulled you!!!! WTF MAN>!” Wurd said angrily andstily. Jenny rand over and hoged him, she was so happy but then she remembered ferJacob and then she was confused. Could it be she liked them both..? “What’s wrong jen?’ asked Em all concerned and put her hand on her cheek in an adorable way like I saw James once do to Clare at the record store in my old town. “Nothin" said Erin and then she stopped huffing him and he . Em looked sad but the Ward was hgetting arngy -  He looked lik he was going to nock a fucker out. “you are a trator! I KILLED YOU AND UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN THIS WE CANNOT CONTINUE WITH YOU IN OUR MIST!" Em shook his herd “No am I not, I didn’t want to go against my relegion.” “You could have gotten Jenny derd!” Word roared sexahli but powerfully 2. "I would never let Jomas hurt James hurt Joan!” Em retorted back. (ERIN: SEE, BETTER VOCAB NOW YOU DIRTY FF FLAMERS HUH?!?!) “You are liying!!!!!!!” Edword screamed and then went to punch em in thwe jaguar. But before he did: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOoooooooo111!!!!!!!!!!” I yellod because I didn’t want them to fight. Brothers should never, ever fight - God wants the familt to stick togather! Jenny loved em and I louved Wade. He was so sexah and he meens the world to me. I didn’t want his to hurt his brother, nor Janet to get hurt. Ward stopped and so did Erm. Then Jacob ran in the room! “What is happen?” Jacob assed and Jenny went over to him and curied her teery face into his tan chest, sobbing. "Em, he is alive! I...You have to protect joan.” She told him. “You have to become a wearwoof to save her from the eval Jams!!!! It's the only way.” Jocub looked thinkingly as he locked at the Vampires and at me. “What's in it for me?" Ward looked at him. "Satifaction of saving a life." "Okay I will save here from the evel Jam.” Jenny looked sad and I looked more sad at her. My life was in danger, I have a bloodsucking vampite for a BF who might ate me and all sorts of drama but she had to choose between the biggest loves of her life! We all were so happy that Fenando was going to help me. Wared and em forgot about there fighting. Then Acile offed to dive us to her huose so we could work on a plan. Rose went out shopping. MC and Charlie were there wen we got there. We told them the plan to save me and they were really happy that I would be saved. I bit my lip. I hoped they were happy for a reason. “Jona I want to show you something.” Jacob told me and we went out the back alone, even though wad wasn’t happy about that. Did he seriously think I'd jump ship or something? (Ering: For another guy, not a dyke, not that kind of jumping shop.) “Watch, he said and then he turning into A BIG SCARY WOOF. He was russelt (Erin: A sort of brown I guess) and shaggy. He was big and he had teeth that locked sharp. It was scarty but then he licked the side of my face and then I realised he ewasnt scarry. I hugged him and even know he was muscular.

is that how you will stop Jomes.?” I asked and Jacob nodded and then turned into a person again.

“And because I care about you,” I shrieked because he was naked, and he excused himself. I only hoped Ward wasn't watching. o_o But before Jacob went I exploded. “I thought you loved Jenny!” i siad angry that he liked me and Jenny at the smae time - SHE WAS CHOOSING, YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH!! “I am with Ward! You are a good friend and nothing more.” I shout at him and Jacob looked like he would cry. “I know but don’t forget how I felly,” and then he left me alone and I went back to see Ward. He was hot, but i couldn't. I loved Ward. He loved me. And then I went back inside to ask Em about him being alive.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 14

14 - A New Life

Ok, now I'm on the Wonderful DeviantArt! YAY! Becose are nasty sinnng people who took my whole fucking story sown for NO GOSH-DARN REASON. Oh wait, yes, their is a reason. PHOEXINS AND SKES! THEY ARE EVIL FLAMERS WHO RUINED MY STORY ON FF AND ARE NOW HEAR HERASSING ME!!!11 IGNORE THIS PATHETIC PEOPLE BECOAE THEY HAVE NO LIFE! IGNORE THEM. To my new reeders read the otther chapters first, mk? Cool so yes, thank you all for reeding. ^_^


<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (This is to see if Deviantart will accept the above as my deviser - It feels sort of wrong to take from the Bible all the time becosre it's not my own work)

I walked up and into the house refracting on what had just happend. BTOH Jacleb and Ward were in love with me. (Erin: From now on I'll calle Jacub J or Jay becose Jacob sounds like it's mocking the bible a bit. The orralgin of the name goes back to the founder fo the 12 Jewash Tribes and the name meas struggler with God. That's not appropriate - we should work WITH the Lord.)

But I had to know why Em was alive - Ward had cleery killed him hadn't he not? I pondered. Em must be asked. I walked into the house and up and into his room where i new he wood be. He was sittinh on the bed, looking out the window at the Heavans, listening ironically to Evansensence's 'Bring Me Back to Life'.


He turned around, and had teers in hiseys. "Em, how are..." I tok a breath. "How are you hear? Edward killed you, did he not?"

Em looked up, with his deep brown eyes. I felt sorry for him.

"James...James brought me back from the dead. He used a satanic ritual to -"

"DEMON SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111" I screamed and spat in his face and shoved him away with my fist. HE WAS HERE BECROSE OF LUFICER'S DOING?!?!?!1?! I held my fingers in a cross and backed away from him, praying to the Almighty incase he trying anything. He has a tainted soul!!!!!!!!!!!11

"JON! JAON! IT"S NOT MY FOLT! James brought me back; he drug up my burned and cut up corpse and put me on a pentagola then used his wicked magics to raise me and make me back togather! I did not wano come back...not after..."

He cried, and I felt sad. It wasn't his fault, but now he was a demonic does one go about healing such a wound? I furrowed my brow and thought. It wasn't his fault, yet he was now clearly under the control of evil. Whatshould I do?

I called the local church for guidance, without explaining the Cullens were Vampires of course. They sent me over a priest, and I went out to great him - THE CULLENS DIDN"T KNOW THIS WAS HAPPENING.

I exited the door and the priest's green hatchback showed up (Erin: JEN I THINK YOU KNO WHO THIS IS LOL) and he exited. Out exited a tall white man with grey-and-brown-hair-and in a shortish cut (Erin: u no, guy hair), and a modest plaid shirt and black slacks. He had a fuzzy brown mustache and a gentle smile. It was, I recongised, FATHER JAMES HOLDEN!!!!!!!111 :3

“Good morning, Miss Joan St Sanctuary Lousia-Smith. I recall you from last weekend’s service. You were such a charming young lady.”

I bushed and Usher hymn inside the house quikly. We went up stairs, and Em prepared himself. He stripped down to his boxers and Father Holden dabbed his temple with holy water, and spoke a few words asking the lord to bless and take care of Em during the Ordeal.

The father then started chanting something in what I could only guess to be Latino. Em's sobbing stopped and his now white eyes rolled up and into his head. His mouth fell open, and he began vibratoring. :o


Father Holden struggled against the energy comming off Emo, and flacked Holy Water at him from the wall. I almost fell over!!!! :O

I starnge, suppernatral wines began to blow and the room shook, and THINGS FELL EVERYWHERE. I SCREMEAD.

Finally, Father Holden seemed to be winning and threw all his water at Em shouting "Unheavenly influence, be gone from the mortal plane, THYNE LORD COMMANDS IT SO!" over and over. Em began whirling about, faster and faster, then slower, and sower then he stopped and fell to the ground in a heap. We dragged him to his feet and into his bed, where the Father checked his vitals.

"He'll be fine. Thank you for contacting me, Miss Joan. It's rare we see demonic forces at work on this world, but when we do..." I nodded and he went. I waved him goodbye outside b4 going back to Em.

He looked adorable asleep, almost like Ward. They were related after all...I brushed my hair and smiled. I could tell everyone Em was now safe, but James...he was still a danger we must deal with.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Moonlite Soonatah

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Night came and I walked outside. Em was k so I had left him to deal with his life/fate. I condisered calling the old manfart to tell him wear I was but he'd probably yell at me so I just send a text saying I'd be home sometime. Drunken bastard. I flapped the hair out of my gemstoned green eyes and looked into the sky from da bacony. It wa night. There were stars and they all glistteresd at me and I smiled back. tI was beutiful.

I had changed into a black gown becorse Al (Erni: Alice shortend) decided to trade clothes wtih me so I could wear some of her nice oldern day stuff; not quite a little black dress but it went but my nis. I had also used a makeup on my face and Maybalean Mascara for the eyes (Joan: Long Lashes Urdition for the win!)

THe wind ruslet against me, my smooth creme skin rippling under the koonlgiht. I shived, and warm arms raped around me. I felt a warm, genital breath on my neck. I new it was hymn.

"Ward..." I spoke softly and elegantly.

"Jaon...I love you..." He spoke deliciously and i wanted hymn but then i remembers the bad stuff he had done and pulled gently away from his graps.

"What is wrong Joan?" He asked.

"Have you fotalked to Em?" I answered, THe wind ruslet against me, "Have you"

He walked up to me and planted a kidd on my back of my head. I tore away again. Devine ass he may b, but he had to answer - he had cleansed hymnself, but...he still had to talk to Em to make it rite.

"Joan, I...I'll speak to him and forgive him."

"He folwoled thine Lord's TEECHINGS! He has nothing to fagrave!" I cried and ran off the balcony. Ward grabbed me and held me in hisarms.

"Joan, I will...what is bothering you? I know you. You don't become this, Joan..?"

"Yes, it is. I love you too deeply to let this pass, especially with james on the loss. I...I...I need to know if you'll ever beetray me."

Ward looked shocked, so I walked up to hymn to explain.

"I love you Ward, I feel sif I always have. I canot invest myself knowing you might hurt me."

He looked at the ground. "Joan I never could -"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!1" I screamed. Ward was surprised. "No, Ward, I meen I neas to no if you'll want to be with me forever. I promise I'll never hurt you or beetray u."

"What do you mean, Erin?"

"I meae...I cannot stand the idea of you ever betraying me for another woman. I want you Ward, and only you." I thought of Jay. I could never beetray Ward...wasn't it right to ask the same? "I want to marry you...and...I want to beclaim a Vampore.

he walked to the Baclkony. "I don't know if I's barly enough to keep control of myself. I understand Jasme, and why he wants smell too wunderfool for this world. I don't think we should see eachother again Joan; we'll proctract you from James, but then we musk part. It the best for us both." he had treeas falling from his amba eyes.

He flew away.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 16

16 – Goen. Hey Jenny, guess what? YOUR A SLUT! FUCK YOU I TOLD YOU I LIKED TIM BUT DID YOU CARE NO WELL PAYBACK BITCH HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love you but seriously, eye for a fucking eye. And to everyone enjoy. I really am not in the mode for yor SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


I went hoem to my fathters that nite. I felt butter at the world; had Ward had just dumped me and i was so upset, I couldn’t stop crying? I looked myself in my room and watched the moon thru the windew.

How could he dump me? DID he dump me? Leaving your girldriend after a talk like that I dunno. He had bean so mean...He had just leafed me becorse I was hot. It was UNFARE!!!111 I wandered if this was how Jesus had felt being beetrayd by Jewdas.

I went flacid at the idea of living without Ward. I fell to the bed and I cried some more into my pillow and then I went to sleep, crying and teery.

The next morning I woke up hopping that everything had just been a bad dream, but when I got out of bed I saw all the pictures that were of me and Word had been ripped up. He had comed in my room that nite and taken everything that reminded me of him!! I felt so sad so I rung Janny. She would no what to do, and owed me after I had pretty much set her up with buth Jay and Em.

“Erin! WERD LEFT ME!!!!!!!!!!!111” I sreamed down the into phone.

“Om mi good!?! Why did he leeve you?” Jenny asked me in concerning tone of voice.

“Because out of all the ironys I am too hot!” I told her, I was angry now. Then I explained with the bloodlist and the James and the commitment iddues.

"I will came over.” Jen told me and she hang up.

Then, still crying, I got into my blue polo fleas and cream skirt with the black stockings and black stilletos, and applied Mayballean again with blue eyeliner this time. I syed my hair brown becose I had become sick of red.

Jenny drove her car ovah that she got for her brithday , it was white and really pretty and curvy (Erin: Like her, naww :3 love you girl no homo k). She got out and come in my houyse. We sat at the table togather and I told her what Ward had told me the nite befour.

“How could he leaf ou! your too hot for him.” Jenny said, trying to make me fell batter. I did becorse she was right, I was too hot for him, but only just and I still missd hymn really bad. he was the love on my life...

Then Fernando walked into hose, he looked at us and Jenny ran up to him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t tell eme you were coming ovar!” Jenny sqeeeed and kissed him on the check.

“What is rong Jaosn?” Jacob asked me, shirt rippling with mussles as his Native Indian face was perplexment. (Erin: BEST DRESCRITPION EVER!)

“Word broak up with me becorse I smelt two good.” I told him and he frawned.

“I didn’t like him, I new he was a bad vampfire.” He said, spitting at the ground. He cared for my honor THAT much...? It was intrusting.

I locked away from him though, i didn’t want him calling EWad a bad person. Espechally when Ward had saved my live!

“He isn;t bad...but we have issues we need to sort. He wants to ate me all the time and I need to be with hymn forever as i shoulf.” I said and tears flopped from my eyes.

Jacob came over and hugged me, jenny didn’t mine becorse we are all frends and she nows I wouldn’t pull anything on her boyfriend.

“it will be ok,” Jay told me, striking my hair with his soft hand. I snoggled into his body, he was really warm and comfortle. I didn’t want to let him go but I had to becase Jenny was looking glaringly at me from over his shelder.I cussed myself for having such a moment of weakness, but Jenny eased and Jay didn't seem to have any idea so I kept my mouth shut. I was sad, I wasn't doing anything.

We then all went up to my room because Dad was coming home from the factory and he would want us out of his way. We all lied on my bed together and looked at the roaf. I was beteen Jen and Jacob, but jen was doing it to make me feal better. She is the best person ever, and I love her lots.

“what are you going to do now that Wurd is goen?” Jenny asked me and I felt lyke cring again.

“I don’t know, I miss him so much, and i love him lots. HE ISN"T FUCKING GONE WE JUST HAD A SPATE!” I yelled and puched my pillow in the face. HIS face. Feathers came out and landed on Js nose. He blew it off and we started laughing and I felt better. He gave me a cute smile and i returned it. Then I remambered  Jen so I got off the bed and made them get closer together. I desired to leaf them along so I left the room and went out the back. Jen and Jacob stayed in the room togather.

Out the back I sdat onder a tree and thinked. Edward and his family had gone from my life, and all becaye of me. After i was safe from Jims...I would be alone. New friends in a new school, a new town...a It hurt so much, my stomach felt sick. All of a sudden Jacob was behind me and he sat down.

Wheres jenny?” I asked him sucupisouly

She had to go home, her mother called her...” Jacob said. "Do you want to come to my hose?”

I nodded, i had nothing bettar to do. We both got off.

"Ok I will go to your place.”

Fenando's house was in the next town. His dad was in a wheelchair and didn’t say anything to us as we walked in and to his room.

His room was big and messy as smelt like werewoof. It was weird but i actually liked the smell of his room. Jay sat down and watched me.

“Are you still going to kull jom?”

“Yes, I won let him hurt you, I don’t want him to kull bootaful as you.”

I blushed, he was really sweet. He smiled cutly and i walked over to him and hugged him. Maybe...maybe, I had a thought (Erin: A HORRID AND WRONG THOUGHT) that maybe Ward wasn't all there was in my love life. I smiled, and looked to the new day but...

JENNY WAS THE WINDOW!!!!!!!1111111



Brewdening Love Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - REVENGE This is a different chapter. It's a special chapter that sort o doesn't fit in the stori but I put it in BEOCES IT IS INPOTANT TO HAVE THIS. SO THIS IS NON CANNONICALE! Dedicated to some crazy people who review me.

</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3 (FUCK U)

I was walking down the street, happi ass could be. I was in a beautiful long blue gown, shimmering lik perky stars (size 8 becoause I'm slim and sexah), blonde heels and beautiful blue tinted madeup. I had a boyfriend named Ward, who was a hot and sexah and LOVING Christian Vampire. I have friends like my BFs Jenny, Becca, Lana and Dan. I have new awesome friends lik EM AND ALICE AND MC AND CHARLISE AND JAY AND JAPSTER AND ROSE AND ALICE WHO ACTUALLY CARD. We were all Christains and living, PURE AHPPY LIFES.

As I was walking I saw a group of people. At least, I tought they were people but they were so mangy. They all looked like scraggily old weomin with BAD NASTY HAIR and UNLOVABLE FACES that drooped with oldness like thier boobs did to the ground! They looked like homeless people who had been hit by cars and beaten thth the uglah STCIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

THey all looked at me like a pack of wolves and ran at me, arms out drooling. I screemas!

"JOAN ST SANCTUART LOUSIA_SMITH! JOAN SN SANTUARY LIYSA_SMITH!!!!!!111111" They roared at me with a nasty primal rage, almost tliek THEY WERE DEMONDS

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, keep awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" I screamed and hoped Wdar or Jay or someone would save me! These were clearly Unchristian Vampires!!!!!!!!!11111 :'O

They jump tackled me and I went to the ground and they were about to start hitting me, when WARD AND JAY CAME TO THE DAY!

They beet the motherfuckers off, breaking thier lims and noses and tits leaving them a pile of slag (WHICH IS WHAT THEY ALWAYS WERE).

"EJON, BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" THEy hissed at mi and I cried and Ward hugged me and Jay spat at them and kicked one flammig burd in da faices!





They we bundled them off and threw the sinning assholes off a cliff. Then The Lord himself came and pivoted them to HELL with a cunt punch. We winked at eachother and The Almoty went away. I had a happy day after that BECORSE IT WAS ONE MORE EVIL GONE.

I was walking down the street when

Brewdening Love Chapter 18

18 – Leap of Fiath YOU NOT NICE PEOPLE! YOU! STOP and love you all every1 else. God looks upon thyne and smiles :3


I pashed away from Jay because Jenny was staring in all angry like. Oh no! :o

“I didn’t do anything! SERIOUS?!?!?” I said but Jenny walked thru the room and i thought she was going to slwp me. FeJay did nto saw anything becorse I think she was felling gilty about cuming onto me.

“Jenny I wouldn’t crack onto your boffriend!!!!! WTF?!?1" I said sadly. Jenny warked past me and went to Jay.

“I don’t want to be wiff  you, your a man slut and I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!11111” She shooted at him and slapped him and then she left, but not before giving me an EVIL NON-BEST-FREIND-GLARE!!!!!!111

Jay looked upset and as thou he was going to cri. I hugged him again, and accidently admired how taught his mussles were. Damn he was a sexah wolf and he kneeded me.

"It's ok, ok she will come back to you!’ I was trying to make him fell bettar becoz I didn’t went him to be sad and upset over Jenny. She flared up sometimes, like my queef sister does sumtimes.

Jay srugged and shat down on his bed, I sat with him agan. This time we didn’t cuddle becor I new it woudnt be a good idéa - Jenny could come back in any moment and we were!

Jay didn’t say anything so I desided it was time for me to go home. I said goodbye to Fatnando and left his house and went home. He waved.

I was tried when I got  home so I went straight to bed, changing into my uber hot Arab Princess laungeray, it is black with white frills and made with foreign silks. I felt really stressed with everything that had happened that day so i felt asleep.

That night, images of Ward troblled me, and I felt guilty. I had given in to Lust almost, and beetrayed my beloved! A guilt swept over me but then it went.

The next morning I woke up and the sun was out.  I thought bout Wad and the dream and Jay and Jenny and i started to tear. I missed him so much. I thought about runging Jenny btu then I remembered that she was anger at me. So i rung Fenando.


"Hey Funado! Is Ward in?"

Frendtaro's voice sounded old but happy. He was a good man, almoss nice like Father James but he kicked his ass in niceness.

“Helo,” J said when he anwered the phone. He sounded wearwolfy and Indian.

“Hi Jacuyb,:I said seductivy in an errotic manner

“Oh, hi Joan,” he relied happly

“Is everything ok with you in Jen?” i asked

“no,” he said, he cleerly dint want to talk about it.

“Do you want to cume rond?” I asked

“Okay, said Fenando. I took the time to pray and to dress in a hawt black mini with white stockings and heals, a blue frilled summeh dresstop thing and tied my hair into a ponytail and applied sexah mascara and blue lipstick for an exotic look. Then he was outside my house in a tight blak top and demin jeans and sneakers. He looked fucking bad ass.

I let him in the door then my phone ring, it was Al!

“Hey Joan..........I need to talk to you, I am coming over.”

“K, I said. But my heart was cold. It clearly was going to have to do with Ward...I looked at Jay guilty and looked away, brewdingly. It was ominous (Erin: )

Then Al was out the front aswell.She had a pute white gown on with black stockings and heals and looked haot.

I went out to met her, leaving Jay in the house.

“What is it Alic?” I asked

“It’s Wead...He..." She brust into tears, sniffling and looked sad. I frowned. Jay frowned.

"Ward is going to kill himself becus he is sad over leaving you!”

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!111111111", I yellowed, because I had been such a bitch be be so mean to hymn and make him consider THE ULTIMATE SIN! (Erin: Joan is a bitch!) "He cant do that we have to stop him!! Where is he?!?!!"

Alci nnodded and we got in her car.

"We have to leavc now, he is in Italy," She told me and I started to cry. he had ron to Euripe to escape me!

"This is all my fault, I seamed

"No it is not, he leaft you, Aliec told me, but I still felt angily.

We spd dwn the road to get to the airpurt so we could catch a plane to erope.


Ok I did have one cruiser lol but still, it isn't THAT BAD >: (

Brewdening Love Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Roma



We lanted on da runway and we ejaculated from the plain. Rupe seemed a cool and forain place and was hawt (Erin: WEATHER WIZ NOT! As in clothes hawt.). I looked at Alic eand Jay and smiled sadly at them with teers proppeling from my eyes. I was sad and crying – WE HAD TO FIND WARD!!!!!!!!!!!1111

We ran down and to the airport and asked. No 1 had seen hymn. :( So we ran around the area asking for a while, when Alice stopped. She seemed to pander for a moment.

“Ward migrh gone to see the Vampire Mafia!”

“Who are they?” I assed.

“When a vampire breaks the laws of the Cvampe World they have to answer to a secret governing bo of Vampires called the Vampire Mafia! Ward knows they all live here and so do I! that mesne he might be asking to be kulles for loving you so he may go to heaven still!”

I was confused – it isn't a sin to love (Erin: so long as it's natural) so why kill hymnselld?

“Why wood he? IT IS NOT A SIN TO LOVE ME?!?”!!11”

“I know Bella, but Edward beloves in an older and OUTDATED branch of Vampire Chrisanthinum. It is still technically a sin so he cold not go to heathen if he marrieds you.”

I was shocked. Ward would have given up heven for ME? I was better than eternal paradise to hymn?!?!?!1 I feel to my knees and cryed – Oh Ward, how I had forsaken you! (Erin: Serves her right STUPID BITCH!!!11111) Fuck Jleb – how could of of started loving him?! He touched my shoulder but I brushed away anstily.

They helped me to my feet and we flew away to the head of the Vampir Mafia Heedqatters thing place (Erin: Alice woked out ok?). It was under THE COLLOSOM! It was white and old, crumbling away at places. Alice took us to a secret part in the corner and pressed a button.

The walls shook, and heaved and then they slid away to revail a STARCASE!!!!!!1111

We walked down!


Brewdening Love Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Thy love

AN: you are all jealous of my story and who meny reviows  it has got. That is why you are being meen.  I prey that you will lern to be nice and not be meen all ladys. Thanks to becca and Jenny for being my friend and halping me.

<3<3<3 I love God and God loves me <3<3<3

Down the stars there was a light. It was big a brigt and lit the hole room. In the middal of the room were the Vampire mafia. They didn’t look nice and I saw scared. But Alice was with me so I stooped becing scared and we waled to the mafia.

“What are you doing here?” The old man in the front asked me meanly.

Al spoke next.

“We need you to save ward!” Al said.

“No, we will not save ward. He is breeking the rules and he is not aloud too.” The old man said angrily. He looked mean and like he want to et me.  I fell sad that they would not save ward and they were going to kull him. I got anger.

“HE DID NOHING RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!” I shoted maddeningly.

The old man walled over to me and lock me in the eye.

“Yes he did you human, now I will eate you.”  He bunt down to bite my neek.

Then Al kicked him and grebbed me away and dragged me from the old man. We ran away from the anger vampiters and into the sun becorse they wouldn’t come into thew sun becorse peple would see them sparkle and then they would be founded out.

“What are we going to do now?” I cried cryingly. I new Word was going to be dead.

Al sat next to me and we cried on the sideward. Then I had an inspuration.

“THE POPE!!!!” I shooted and jumped up.

Then me and Alice ran to the vaticat.

The pope was siting in a char in the middel of the vaticat.

“What can I do for you holy ones?” He asked in his kind kindly voice.

“We need to you to save a fallow christen. “ I told him and he glot out of his set.

“Quick fallow me.”

He led us to the back and there was a car. It was the pope mobile, it looked like the bat mobile but it was the pope mobile. We got in the pope mobile and the Pope drove it fastly to were Edward was in the middal of Rom.

“The he is” I pointed to Ward who was in the middal of the street.

The poep pulled over and jumped out fo the car.

“I am hear to save tyou!” The pope shouted and pulled out his popestick. He waved his popestick and then Ward feinted. He fall on the ground and the poep picked him up and puyt him n the pope mobile. Then we got back in and went back tot he vaticat.

In a chamer in the vaticat we put Warde on a bed and the Pope started canting old christen words and he waed his pope stick thru the air like a sworde. Then edwrd woke up.

“Jone,” He said when he saw me stanign ner him.

“Ward I hagged him and he hagged me back.

“I love you” he tood me.

“I love you too,” Edward stared and kussed my check. And I will never run away form you again."

The pope smelled and put his hand on Edwards solider.

“Your farth in jesus saved you.” The pope told him and Ward looked un suicidal. Al and me were smelling. We had sazved Ward. But Jey didn’t lool happe. I think he wasnted Edward to suicide but then that wouldn’t be christen and I couldn’t love someone that wasn’t christen. We went tot he plan.

<3<3<3<3<3<3 A/N:  Oh no pour Jacon. But now Edward is save. What will happen next? God loves all good revowers.

Brewdening Love Chapter 21

21 – Deprestion



We Got off the plain at froks. Edward was happy to be bac with me. Jay didn’t say anything. Jenny was weighting for us. Shed hugged Jay and kissed him. He was happy to be back with Jen.  We all went back to my place becorse dad wood be at worl. We sat down.

Jaspar came in the door.

“You have to come home qick.”

We all stood up and fallowed jasper out the door. We went to wards house were MC was baking chocolate cake. Charlise was sitting in the middle of the room wating.

“Joms mate is coming to Forks.” He tols us. I was sacred. Victoia wanted to get me for whart happend to Jams.

“you will have to turn ingo a werewoof and help portec Erin,” Em told Fenando who torned into a woof and went outside.

“Ward you will have to take Joan to another place so he will be save.” He said and ward led me to were they keeped the Feraris. We got ina red one. Al, Jassar, Em and Roseli were staffing besife the casr.

“They are going to be running with fenando to make sure that Victoria doesn’t gwet you.” Ward told me carlingly. Then he started to drove the car very fast. We were speading alone the roar.

Then A girl vampire with blode hair and evil eyes jumped in from of us. Word swored the car to go round her. She was going to jump thru the windscream to get me. Then out of no were Jay as a werewoof came and tackled her. Then everone else was there. They were all figting. Wad got out of the car and straight to fight too.

They were all beating her up sexily but then she punched into ward hard and he fell backwords.

I scremed really loud, ward was ded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

I jumpted out of the car and run over to Ward who was ded on the grond. I stared cring. I didn’t car if Victor was going to eat me. She had killed Edwrd.

Then there was a light

The pope was driving hs pope mobile at Victor. She ran way and then the Pope stopped. He got out of the Pope mobile and got his Pope stick out. We put edwart in the Pope mobile and we all got in it and went back to Charlise house.

MC gave us all chocolate cake and we laif wod on the bed. The Pope got some holy water and put it on Ward fourhead. My tears were boosting out of my eyes. Jenny was crying to and hugging Fenando who had chanded back into a person.

Everyone wathed the Pope as he poked ward with his pope stick. But Ward wasn’t coming back to live. The Pope thrust his popestick in Edward but he stilled was ded. I new edwar was going to be ded forever. The pope looked said as he chanted ancent words and danced arond Edward. But noting worked. The pope’s popestick went down as he dropped it awey from ward. Jacob higged me and kissed my check. I was wet.

Then there was a light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111


I am reely exsited about wahts going to happn in the next chapter. I luv you Jenny in a beast friend way. Love to all good reviewers and all good christanes.

Brewdening Love Chapter 22

22 – Missire.

A/N; This is four all my food revouwers. Not the meen peeple who are evil and hate. I did noting wrang to you but you are being meen to me. SINNARS!


Out of the light stepped a man with a long breed and weering crucifix bling.

It was JESUS!!!!!!!!111!!!

Everyone was studden becase Jesus was satanign there looking at us. He pointed his finger at wart and he came back to live. I ran over and hugged ward. “Thank you, jesus,” I said and bowed.

“Its K,” Jesus said. He was wereing a long jacket and had lots of gold chains with crosses on them.

“Were did you come from?” Jenny asked, she was starring at Jesus becaue she was surplused.

“I have come to earhs to protect you from the coming eval.” He told us then he clucked his fingers and disperse.

Jeus had said he would come back so we had to weight for him. I was gald Jesus had resorted edwrd. The pope was lefting, he said bye and got in his pope mobile and went away.

We were now weighting for Jesus to come back. Ward went ober to play a song pon the piano. I watched him play sexily. He was the best penist. He was looking at me with a sexy smile and he kissed my check. I kkissed his check back then there was a pop and Jesus appeered.

“An evil Vampire that does not embarrass the Lord is coming to kull all vampires that fallow the Lords teechings. Becorse you are all good christinas the Lorf had cent me to protact you from them.” Said Jesus.

I was really scared. Evil vampires that warshipped the devil were coming for the good christmans. Even jay looked scared, becoas he had recently satred fallowing Christianity.

“These vampores want the world to be rant by santa. They want all christens to deed.” Jesus said.

I hugled ward cloce to me. I didn’t want the ecil vampires to get him.

THEN JOMS WAS THE WINDOW WITH VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

I creamed and hid under the piano.  All the cvamppies and jay started to fight, and Jesus created a swear in the air and sung it at the BAD VAMPIRES. More vampires came in the house, I was getting scared, the bad vampires where hear alreedy. There was more of the bad vamers then the good ones. We were going to lose, Then one bitt me on the arm.

Edward scremed and pounded into the vampire that bit me. Blodd was fleeing from myt neck and running my nice blue sweeter. Edwrd looked so hot as he pounded the bad vampre. Then i was hutting. My body fell like it was of fire. Jesus came over to me and put a cross on the bit. It glewed a bright collar then i stopped huffiong. He had saved me from becaming a DEMON WARSHIPPING VAMPIRE.

Then something happened and all the bad vampires disapered. I stood up and asked Jesus what happened.

“What happened?” I asked Jesus.

“They have goed back to satan. They will come for you agen thu.” Jesus said, “I will come back went you need me.” Then he clucked his fingers and went into the air.

Everyone was okay so we decided to go play baseball. We were a feild out the back. Ward looked so sexy in short shorts and a singlet. I was wereing a nice mini skirt and a nice blue shit. Ward looked sexy as he held the bat in his hand and swung it up and down. Jasser thru the ball at him and ward hit it, then he dstared to run. He rant and then he stoped. TYhen Em was going to bad but then Al had a vision.

THE BAD DEVIL WORSHIPING VAMPIRES HAD JAY AND THEY WERE TOUCHING HIM!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Me and jenny are having a party but No meen peeple aloud. Love you jenny <3

Brewdening Love Chapter 23

23 – resque Egnoring the eval Sinnars. From now on I am going to call Roselie, Rose becores it is prettier to call her rose. This is witten as a tribut to the best arthur in the world Stephenie Meyer!!!! She is the 1 who creted the best books in the wold called Twilight!


Jenny was reelly pail. She was totally worried about Jay. We got into a grop and discus a plan to save him. Al’s vison didn’t tell us were he was but we new we would be able to tract him by his cent. Em and Jasser were going to fallow his cent to find were he was. Then Ward and Al and Roselie were going to fight the evil vampires. I didn’t want ward to go. He was to sexah to be kulled.

“I don’t want you to go, you might be kulled.” I said sadly

“I wont be kulled” he told me and gave me a coddle. He was so perfact, i didn’t ewant to let him go

Em and Jaser went away, We wached them dispear into the forest. I new they would find out were Jay was being torched soon. But I was still reely worried. I wnt over to Jenny and gave her a coddle. She was shaking and crying.

“They will find him” I told her caringly. Jenny dint listen tho she was so upseat that she coulsnr. Em and jaspa return and told us that the eval vampires have Jay in a mansion in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I got on wrads back becorse he was going to hav to run to Canadsa with everyon. I held his perfact body and felt save. I new Ward would protect me from the eval ones. Jenny was on Jaspars back. She thout jasser was hot so I new that wold make her fell butter. I fell happy that Jenny wes happy.

It was dark wen we got to canda. All the lights were on in the houses so no one new that there was vampires in the street. We walkled through Canada looking for the manion. Canada was biggar then forks so I was scared that we wont be abel to find the mansion. Em still ahd jenny on his back and he looked like he was trecking something. We fallowed him, I healed onto ward reely tight, he was nice and warm (Erin: because it was cold in Canda). He gave me a sexah smile.

We were walling out of canda wen al shoted out, “Ther is the mansion where they ave J!”

We all ran ober to it and looked in the windaw. We could see ja in chains to the wall and the eval vampires were torching him and saying evil SATAN WORSHIPPING WORDS in a weird langage.

We went in the frot door and snucked into a room. It was drak except for the fire were the vampitres were.  I snaggled into ward, they looked meen and scarry. Jay was in the muddle of the room an he was chained so he cooldnt excape. Jenny was crying angily. She didn’t want jay to be murdered becorse he had eccepted God into his live. It wasnt fare.

Jasp and Al were waspering to each other, the were creting a plan to save jayt. But we were outnombered and ther was to humans on the teem so we locked like we were going to lost.

Em wand ross were getting reedy to leep at the evil vampires. The went out.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 Jenny sceemed.

As em and rose juped out at the eval vampires. Word and al and Jas fallowed. The evel vampires were taken buy supplies but they were still more of them then there was of the good Christine vampires. Me and jenny snucked passed the fighting vampires and went to were jay was chained up. We tyred to brake the chains but thet were mad of metel and steal. The only ones that coold brake it was a vampre. The eval vampires were winning angst us.

“You havr to run away!” Em said and we did.

We snucked back out of the rom and ran out the door and into the town. Everyone fallowed behind us. Wad picked me up and put me on his back sexily. Jas picked up Jenny sexily too and put her on her back. We were all running sexah like away from the evil vampires wen I remambered

We had left jay behind.

We all were running


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Brewdening Love Chapter 24

24 – Sin

A/N: I am putting Becca in this chapter coz I promossed her that I wold. Love you Becca xoxox. I am still egnoring eval phlemmers that are sinnars. Now I have a new fiern on DA called Mitsu-der-Hamster. She is a nice person and a good christen. She is reely nice unlik you evil phlemming sinnars.

O0o0o0o0o0o0o <- they are cute bubles.

We were at school and it was raining. I was huggled into Ward and Jenny was with Em in the lunchrom. Then to new peeple worked in the door. They were becca and Dan (Erin:This is for you becca nd dan). They looked sad beouse they dint know were to sit. I inveted them over to our table. They sat down and introducted themshelves.

"I am becca and this is my broher dan," Becca said and then she wishpered to me "wo is that hot guy ther. She pointed to jassper.

"Thats japser," i sayed and becca smelled a cute smell at him. She was reelly preety, she had blon hare and she was wereing a tight green top becoirse she had beg boons and she was wering a sexah anry prunt miniskirt. We buth guggled and jassper blushed. Dan was talling to al, they looked cute together. I hopped that they would dete.

Then rose cam in with her boyfriend Charlie. They locked relly hot. I was jeelous even though I was alredy hot. We all stred talking to gether btu then it was tiome to go home.

First we all went back to my hose becase I kneeded to tall dad i was goging to stay at edards. He had just came home from the courts were he was a lawyer at. He was ging to star drining soon so we got my cloths and left qick.

We all went to ewards were charlise and Mc were weighing for us. We were all ging to go to cruch together becaue it would be a familey booding secion. I canged into a nice floowing green skirt and a tight green sweeter. Jenny was wereing a black dress and Becca was in a purple dirss. We all got in the krullens farry and we drove to the chuch.

Father James Holden was at the chuch weighing for us to arrave. We got out the cart and went insude the chuch. We sat at the frount and listened to Father James. He blessed us and then we coold go home agen. I was sting with wad sO we wet to his room. We wer going topo be sleepen in the sam bed. It was ok becourse i new wrad wount do anytin against our religion now that we had bean blessed.

We caddled in bed and kissed each other on the lip. Ward looked so hot, he was wering a beig shirt and nice jeans. He took off his shit so i could look at his prefect chess. He had reelly big mussels and niec skin. I was happy becouse he was with me and no-one else. We hugged and kussed some more and then edwrd was lying on top of me. He was tryig to take off my bra. I dint no if i sould let him or not, we had ust bean blessed by the pope.

"It will be k, we have bean bleassed." Ward said and he took off my bra. I was neerious, i hadn't done thus befour. Ward kissed my check and i kissed his chest. He hand was moving to my pants.

Then the door opened and Jay was sanding there. He locked at what me and ward were doing an said



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Brewdening Love Chapter 25

25 – Banishmeat.

A/N: I AM NOT A FAKE CHRISTAIN!!!!111 i AM WRITING THIS SOTRY TO SOW HOW JOAN IS A BAD CHRISTAN BUT LERNS TO BE A GOOD OEN1. STOP FLAMING AND BEENING MEEN ABORT MY RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 YOU ARE EVIL SINNARS AND HATTERS. AND IT IS BAD TO HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111. Ps I love you jenna and becca but not in a homo way k ;-) To all good christen reeders, I love you too and we have to stic together :-) (the smils are better with nosers.)


"YOU ARE BETRAILING GOD AND LIFING IN SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" Jay scremed as he bust thru the floor. "YOU ARE COMPLIMATING BEFORE MERRIGE, OBLIVIOUSLY SATAN HAD ENTARED YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111" Jacub was reelly upset becarse he had had just converted to christinaty and he was now living his live buy the bible. I new he was rite, he was tyring to stop us for foreva living in sin. We had left santa into our lifes and gon agenst the Lords teechings. I cryed crylingly. I was a bed christen.

I pussed edad way from me. I dint want to see his prefect body and sexah face wile we were in this predickament. I left the room and he went to fallow me but I shut the door so he count. Me and Jay went to the chuch so I coud confuss my sins and prey for forgivance.

I went in the confussion box and bowed my head in shane. I wasn't wrothy of beeninh in the holey hose of God.

"What are your sins my chid?" asked Father James Holden. Tears flurried down my eyes.

"I almost comited the sin of sex befour merrage." I said with tears in my voce. I was so asshaned of myshelf

"But you stoped?" said Father then i kodded. "Then you are forgaven. You have not sinned bad enouh. Will Ward be seaking forgivence?"

"Yes he is weighing outside." I said and left the box so edwar could confuss. I fell butter now that I had bean forgaven. Ward came out of the box becorse he had bean forghaven too. Now we could contenue HAPPY CHRISTIAN LIVES!

We leef the cruch and desided to have a spechel dinar to sellibrate our renew christain life. We had desided never to strey from the bible agen becorse we new we wood be banshed if we did. We al went to the crillans to have diner. MC cooked up a reelly big meel with lots of differant foods. We ate allot of food until my phone rang. I asnwered the phone

"Joen you have to cume hoem straight away!" said dad. He was always reeking my fun.

"K dad I repied and hanged up. I tole ward that I had to leeve and then I left. When I got home the hoise was dark. I walked thru the door then I shunnedly remembered that dad was wroking in the nest town on a building sight. Why did he call me to came home if he was int eh nexd tomw? I gessed he wanted mt to lock affer the hose. I went into the TV room adn then i saw it

JOMS AND VICTORA AND THEIR ARMS WHERE WEIGHING FOR ME THEY WERE GON TO KULL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111


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Brewdening Love Chapter 26

26 – Sad

A/N: I sad this chapter was gong to be exsighting and it is, thanks to jenny and beca who halped me mak it reelly good.


I woke up in ward arms, he was halding me looking concerned.

"whats wrong?" he asked concerndly.  

"Victor and Joms are at my dads and trhey are gong to ate me!" i Yell.

Ward cuckles, no they are not you were haveing a nitemair."

I locked at edwrd and then remambered that affer we went to chuch we came back to his home to havbe a diner and then we just went to bed. I started to clam down, i new my dad wood be alright and that there was no evil vampires at my hose. It was mourning so we both got out of bed and I wet home to see dad.

When I got in the door he was already drink. He was lating on the couch and smell reelly bad. Wen he saw me he got up and come over to me. He locked meen and anger. I was scarred.

"were were you lass night?" He asked meenly. I was shacking

"I was at my boyfcriends, ward culeen renember?" I said

"YOU DINT TELL ME YOU WERE AT YOU BOYFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 HOW DARE YOU GO PLACES WITHOUT TELLING ME THAT YOU WERE GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111" Dad yellowed hard, he was so drunk and anger that his voice was loud and hut my ears.

"Well you are always to dunk to lissen." I said back, no I was mad. He was not even a chirstan.

"WHAT DID YOU SAUY?" dad scremmed all mad like. "YOU ARE GRONDED< GO TO YOU ROMM AND DONT COME OUT UNTIL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111" He pointed his drunk finger up the stars. I ran up, crying and breathing. He was so meen and so unfare. I dint do anything rong.

I locked myself in my room and sat on the bed, tears going everywere. The only reeson he dint want me out of ymn room is becose he dint like Ward. It wasn't fare. I went overt to the mirrar and saw my makeup was all smouged. I took it off and then put on some new makeup. I put on nice green eyeshadwow that and i did a nice nateral looking fondation. Ity made me fell allot better now that I loked pretty agen. Thedn there was a nock at the door.

"Can I come in?" It was fenado.

He wazs nice and helpful so I let him in. He came in and sat on my bed and looked at me. He had nice taned skin and always had a nice bug smil. He always made me fell better.

"I hurt what your fatter was yeling at you," he said, "it was not good." He said in his mexcan assent. It was cut.

"yeh well he is always so meen to me, he doesn't even know what its like to be a good Christian tring to live with an aloholice." I groned gronningly.

Fenando nodded becorse he new what i mean. He was a christen too.

"He came over and hagged me, it will be okay" he said, I love you" and then he left the room wile I stared at him. He loved me? In a good firenly way or in a boyfriend girlfriend way? I sat back on my bed looking all confussed. Why dint peeple understood that I was wuith ward and I loved him more than anything(ERIN: Eccept God becose I could love nothing more than I love god) He was my boyfriend. I desided to go to bed becose I was tyred.

I was laying in my bed looking at the dark celling when ther was a nock at the window, it was Edwar. He came in the window and sat on the bed next to me. He was reelly comfarting just him beaning there. I snaggled up to his bedy.

"What happened today, we were supost to go to yoith groop." He asked me askingly, i could tell he was warried that something bad had happend.

"My meen old fatter gronded me and said I cant leeve the room until he said. And that could be in a mouth." I told edweard upsetly. Ward raped his arm arond me.

"It will be ok, all the otter christens were asking about you in Youth Groop. They were worryd that something bad mite have happend to you."

I felt water come out of my eyes. "I will go nex weak." I told him and wad smelled the most sexah smell ever. It made my body shack and shivar.

I kissed him on his perfect check and asked him to say here with me tat night couse dad had said i had to stay here for a long time by myshelf. Edward agreed. We lay down together but we dint do anything naghty becourse we were both born agen. All we did was heg and sleep.

Then the door opened and i was confussed becorse I had locked it so no one could get in

"WHO IS THAT BOY IN YOUR BAD???????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111

It was dad.


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Brewdening Love Chapter 27

27 – School days

A/N: Im egnoring peeple that are meen and that want me to warship the devil. I send christien love to Jenna Becca and everone at yourth groop. God loves us all


Me and dad and Wars stared at each toher then dad came in the room, he was going to hut me. Ward got up sexahly and defancivley and stod beteen me and dad.

"It is my falt, I sneaked into her rom becase I love her!!!!!!!" wARD told dad. He looked stuned then he said. "I am her boyfriend Edwerd Cillen." Wards voice was reely brewdy and sexah.


Ward left trhough the window

"GET TO SCHOOL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" DAD yell at me and I got out of bed and got reedy to go to school.

I put on some blac eye shadeew and pink lipstic. I made my makeup reelyy hot and put on a nice black shirt that came to just above my nees and I put on a nice light blue tank top that left my arms uncovered. Then I waled to school.

At school Ward was weighing for me at my talbe. I sat nezt to him sadly.

"I am sorry bout dad" I told him and he chukled sexah like

Its K, I ove you." He told me and i cherried up. Jenna and Jacob came and sat at our table too, then it was time for class, we went to maths class.

In maths class there was a new boy with sexah blonde hare and he was wering a small cross around his neak he was in a sexah black top that hagged his mussels and he wore tight jeens. Becca came beside me halding hands with jap.

"That's Brian Hahnel, the new boy." She said

Jenny who had came to my other side nextr to ward wunked and me, "He's cute." I agrued but only in my heed becase Ward was beside me too. We all said down, I sat nextr to the new boy.

"Hi Im erni?" I hald out my hand becase it is polight.

"I am brian," said brain and he shaked my hand.

"Are you a christen too?" I asked and he said yes.

"This is my Christina boyfriend Ward," I told brian. Brian locked at ward and said hi but he looced sad that I was with Ward.

The teecher camer in the room so we stopped talking and listen to him

At lunh time I invalid Briain to sit next to us. He sat next to Em. I couldn't tell who was sexaher, Em or Brian.

"So when did you move to froks?" said Al

"Yesterday, " said brian. I moved hear frome Canada. Canada is a batter citey then Forks thou." He told us.

"Why did you move from Canada?" I assed sexahly and seductively and interestedly.

"Becase my mumand dad want to live hear." He said, he locked gronchly but that made him lok hoter. (ERIN: But not as hot as Ward K!)

Ward looked at him growly like. I assed wart wat was rong and he said "He isn't talling the turth." He washpered bac.

"Why?:" I said looking at brian who was talling to Becca.

"I donot now, I will find out." Ward said angerly.

I dint now why Ward was so growly and anger like. He looked so hot and sexah when he is anger thou so I deside to forgive him. I am a good christen afta all. It was the end of the day and I was waling thru the car-park, then Brian came up to me. Ward had gone home already becase he was felling sick.

"Hay," brain wunked at me, I smelled eroctically.

"Hay," I said bacx and he looked at me sexahly and eroctically. We waled together and brian assed me questions

"So who lone has you and ward bean together?" "I think and say, About 2 months,"

Brain looks at me sadily. I think he likes me but I cant halp that a lot of boys are attacked to me. I walk round the coner and

MY HOUSE WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111


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Brewdening Love Chapter 28

28 – secets.

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MY HOUSE WAS FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111

I sceamed and ran to my hose hopping my dad wasn;t in ther, but he was at work so i stoped caring about him.

"Brain we have to call the fighters!!!!" I yellowed to brian but he had ran away.  The house bunt down to ash and then I cryed. I dint no wear to go so I went to Wards hose walking in a sad but sexah way.  Charlises meat me at the door and I told him upsetedly what had happened.

"Is your dad k?" assed charlises.

"Yeh, he was at work at the hospital so he was out of the home." I told charlises cryingly. I hated live. I fought about God and that made me happyer.

Insude was Ward and Jas and Al and Rose and Em and Becca and Jenny. They wear all slitting on the couch weighting for me. Ward brought me down onto his nee. I codded him and talled him bot the fire and that my house was not a pile of doust. Wadr plucked my tears with his fingers and raped his hands round me erotically. I gave him my best seductive eye.  

"We will buld you a new home." Said em and then he and japer left to go to were my house was. They had to buld me a new hose befour dad got home or he woold be mad that all the alcohol got bunt.

The next day I was at school wen ward came up to me and said "There is somethin suspesious about brain." He told me secetly. I got scarred becase his vouce was dark and growly and not sexah but evil. "Y?" I assed.

Word walled away and brain came to me. "Hey, Joms." Sory botu your house." Said brian. "It's K, we got a new 1 now." I told him, I was locking at him to see why word hated him but I gessed it was becase he was jeelous of brian taking my attesion away from him.

Thats god' said brain and we wled to cass together. The shool day ended and I went home, Ward came with me to the new jouse em and rose had bult. It looked the same as the old one but it was cutter.

We wen inside and there was BRIAN WITH MY DAD IN HANDYCUFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111


"I am aresing your father becase he is a drug deelar." Barin told me. "YOU CANT ARESS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I got anger reely bad. Who was this fake chritan.

"I can, I am the FBI and I bunt down your hose." Bvrian said. "I was underclover to invessigate you fatter."

I walled up to brian but he punchewd me in the face, it hurt.

"WHAT DID YU DO THAT FOUR??????????????" Wardy yellowed.

"Becase I am the FBI and I can," Said brin then he lead to the cop car and put dad in it.

They drove away


A/N: Severs Joans dad rite for beaning an drunk.

Brewdening Love Chapter 29

29 – loanly

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Now that dad had bean taken away by the FBI I was aloan in the hosue. I dint like beening aloan becase It made me fell bad. I desided I wood move in with Wady I xgot all my stuff and Ward put it in his car and we moverd it to his hous. I was moving into wardys rom. But i was going to slept in a seperat bed, I had desided that we carnt slep in the same bed intill we are marriage. I neva wanned to go agenst the Lords Teechings agen.

Ward knew what it meat to me not to go agenst the Lords Teechings so he dint make me slept in his bed. I was happy ass that me and ward cold live together and embrass the Lords Teechings

I mussed my dad thou, even thou he was a meen drunk man. He was still my dad and I wanned to get him out of jail.

"Ward, we have to get my dad<" I tod word and cried tears. Ward raped his arms arond me and kissed my forest.

"We will, We will go to the jail tomarrow and get him out, you need to go to slep not." He told me and tacked me in my bed, then I wen to slepp.

The next mourning we got up and got reedy to go to jail. I dressed in a nice blue full langht dress with nice black slip on shoes. Because we had to make a good impresson so they woold let dad out of jail. Then we got in wareds car.

We were on the road when ward turned the corner.


Erin: It is shot I no but it will be longer soon,

Brewdening Love Chapter 30

30 -A NEW EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

Erin: This is a new chapper about the evil peephole and how Ward and all the Vampires and Jacob and me fight them away.


Me anD ward and Al and Jacob and Jenny and Becca and Rosse and Em were all at my house one day when these peeple came into town. They were vampires but not nice vampires like my vampire famely but meen bloodstucking ones that kulled peepe and ate them, like Joms and Victor.  They were actually deemons.

They were coming at me. I new there names. There was on named skegs and one names firebird and one was halohead and another one was named pussle and one was Coger Mcloud and another one Antispectacles. They were anger at me becase they were jeelous of my hot boyfriend and friends and my pact with God. They warshipped santa and wanned all good christens deed.

"Joan, you cannot be a Christina, The dxevil is all powderful." Skegs said and pointed her evil mangy finger at me. She had bad hare that was uglah and fizzy and she looked jewwash but she was a devil warshipper.

"The satan will beet yor god and pound him into doust." Said pussle. She had big low fangs that were dipping with blood and uglah spikey hare that was uglah.

"we will kull you and your christen frends, and satan will rule the world." Mcloud said in a meen uglah vouce that was scarry and she had dirty ripped cloths that made her look uba uglah.

Halohead and Antispectacles had guns and knifes and they were passing them arond there groop. Halohead was laghning meenly and was wearing an ugly hemet and had an uglah bodi and locked like a satan warshipper and Antispectacle had big teeh and long fingernales that needed to be cut and was not cleen.

"We hat you and eward and all you peeple becase you are hot and we are uglah deemons" said antispectacles jealously.

"You will die and Santa will rule! And there will be no hot peeple becase it will all be deemons on the world." Said halohead yelling yellingly.

Firebird came from the bac of the groop and walled up to me. She had bad breeth and she was looking all durty and loose with lots of winkles and she was flappy.

"JOAN YOU WILL SECUM TO SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111" Firebird creamed and hit me in the faces.

Ward jumed ford and stared to fight firebird. Gthe rest were shouting their guns at us. Em and Rose and Al And Jap and Jenny and Becca all fighted too. But the evil vamflyers had Santa on there side so they were stonger.

Then a car appeered out of no were. It was back and was big. Out of the car came the pope and Jesus!

"we are hear to halp the god christrines." The Pope said and pulled out his popestick. Skegs ran at the pope witha  swear and they stared fighting, there sticks hiting eachotter.

Jesus was fighting firebird. He was using something like magic (Erin: But it wasn't magic becase magic isn't reel.) and he catched firebird in a gold clage. The gold clage bunt firebird.

The pope hit Skegs with his popestick and she was raped up and then Jappter took of haloheads hemt and reveled a defromed head with funny eye. Al and Em raped  Mcloud and antispectacles up at the same time.

Ross got Pussle and raped her in rope too. Then te put the evil vamfires in the middle of the room and raped them all together. The Jesus came and cast a spell on them so they cont cume bac and then the pope whacked his popestick and all the meen uglah deemons were sent back to Santa. And then Jesus did a mega cuntpunch so they cold neva come back

"There will be no SINNAR devil warshippers here!" Jesus anoned and we all claped happi ass.

Me and ward kissed and hagged becase we were happi that the meen deemons had gone back to santa and that we cold be happi christains for the rest of our lives without them tyring to make us devil warshippers.



Brewdening Love Chapter 31



Edward turned a coner and we went into a differant street that dint go to the jail.

"Wear are we going?" I assed askingly.

Ward just guggled and dint say anything. I was staring to get warriored. All these evil foughts pooped into my heed about were Wady was talling me. Mabe he dint love me anymore and was going to kull me. But then we wen into a new town that had lots of shops and houses.

We parted in the carpart and Ward tolled my hand. He led me alone the street and took me into a shop. It was a resturunt. We were setted at a table.

"Oder something to ate." Wadd talled me and I pucked up the menu.

"I will have the low-fat spagetti." I said to the weighter. (Erin: Becase I dont want to ate to many calorgies.)

Ward got us some drinks of collar. But Wad dint dsrink it becase he was a vampier. My fod came and I ate it eatingly.  I was so hunger that I dint care weather the spagetti was low fat or now. Ward watched me Sexahily as I ate seductively. He smelled eroctically at me and I feltngood.

"so why did u brin me to this expansive resturunt?" I assed him happy.

"Becase you are sexah and i love you." Ward said smilingly.

Ward paid the money and we walked to the beech sexah like. We were halding hands and everthing.

The waves were pounding the sand and it was rumantic like. The sky was starry and sexah and Ward looked gegoress. I wanned to caddle him heeps.

We stod on some rocks and ward raped arond me from behind. He breathed on me and it smelt good, like rarsberrys. He snuffled in my hair and said

"You smel reelly good." Then he went in fount of me and bent down on one nee and he had my box in his hands.

"Will you marriage me?" He assed in a sexah vouce.


AN: OMG wat will Erin say????? This is so exsiting. The next chaper is going to be reelly good and exsiting too. Isnt Ewad sweat? <3<3<3

Brewdening Love Chapter 32

32 – Aswers.

Erin: I am not goin to give in to the pessing of the meen sinnars that what me to dye. Cos I am gooin to kep righting my stori weather u like it or not becase peeple like my stroi and you are just meen sinnars that r inmanure and like to puck on peeple.


0o0o0o0o0o0o Thyne loves Ward 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o

I gassed,

\"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 I said to Ward sexah. I couldnut weight to marri him. Iit was reely exsiting. Ed smelled at me in a sexah way. We left the restrunt.

When I got hom I went to bed and had a wired dreem. There was a moon and a big woof that was jay, he was holing sadily but it was hot in a bad way. He cam up to me and looked into my eye with a big crying eyes. Then he told me he loved me more then ward loved me.

I woke up scariedly and new I had to see Jay, I snucked out of the rom and took the ferri to were jay lifed. He was aseep when I walled in his room but I wok him up.

"Jay," I said sexah like.

"Yeh?" He said sleepy.

"I think I am making a misteak in marring Ward, I thing I love uyou."

Jay looked at me with sexah rust eyes.

"You have to brake of the engaugement. He told me all series like, I had neva herd jay sond so series befour now.

I was crying wet tears becase I was so confussed, I loved to peeple and that wasn't Christina. But I wanned to marri Wardy but I loved Jay at the same time. What was I goin to do?

Then I remambered something



Brewdening Love Chapter 34

34 –Pretender



Me and Jenny where walling down the stret. Jenny was with Fenando and I was with Ward and we wear all halding hands. Then Jenny jumped out from behind a door.

"NO JOAN, THAT ISNT THE REEL JENNY, I AM THE REEL JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" She scremed scremingly.

With the other Jenny was Jay, they were halding hands. Jay looked at Jenny next to me and said



Jay looked all hot and sad and confussed, "But she said she was the reel jenny,"

I was getting anger becase peeple fought i dint kno my best friend foever.

"that jenny next to you is accualy a devil warshipper." I told jay and then Jenny went weird and turning into VICTOAR.

She had big fats and wanned to suk my blod and kull me.

"NOOOOOOOOOO, WARDY HALP ME!!!!" I creamed and ward went in from me and started foughting with victori. Fenano gabbed Jenny and ran away with her and Jay was halping Ward fight. Ward was holding onto victora wile Jay pounded into her, beating her so she would go away.

Ward and Jay left victoria in the gutter and came for me. We have to get you home. Ward said and she put me on him. Then he was running fast and sexah and climbed throu my window and put me on my bed.

"stay with me I assed him.

"Okay I will. He said then he codded me.

The next day I was going to the jail to get my dad. Me and ward were looking sexah together and we where dressed in the same cloths, I was wearing a full length sexah black dress that made my boobs stand out so the judge would let dad go homo. I wore a gold necklass that Ward got me that was made out of reel gold. It sparkled like he did.

We got to the jail and went to the fat man on the desk. He looked grumpy and meen. I dint like him.

"Hi we want to get my dad out of jail."

The meen man locked at me and said


Becase he is inacent. He dont do dugs." I pleased.

"I dunt kno, I will have to se." He said growlerly and anger. He got up from his desk and he smelt like BO. He came back and said.

"You cant have him," He said

"WHY NOT????????????????" I said sad.

"Becase he is a cheeter. He dint play his tax."

I got so anger. LET HIM GO@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man laugh at me and said meenly

No, never. We are goin to kull him."

You cat kull him." I was hard. He mite be a drunk and meen dad but I hat to safe him from the Fat smelly man and the evil sinnar jail.

And then I saw




Brewdening Love Chaptr 34



One day me and becca where going to the mouvies, we were going to see a sexah romanac together .We were sitting in the dak cinema and then Becca turned into AN UGLAH WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11



"NO U R NOT!!!!!" I said as the witch tired to pout a spell on me.

I ran away, The evil witch fallowed me, shouting magic at me (BUT MAGIC ISNT REEL,)

Then I went out side and Becca came the door

"Becca, there is an evil watch pretending to be you," I told her scarredly.


"We both started running to get away from the uglah watch. I was all scared and then.


The pope came the witch and dispersed her. She bunt up into peices and then me and Becca where safe from the EVIL SINNARS THAT PRETEND TO BE MY FRIENDS.


I yellowed as brian put the fire in the jail. My dad was in there.

"YOUR BURNING MY DAD WITH FIRE!!!!!11" I got anger.


Brian was so meen, I cant belief I fought he was uba hot. I was glad I didn't dump ward for him. (ERIN; BRIAN ISNT HOMO WITH JOANS DAD COZ THATS NOT CHRISTAIN AND NONE OF MY CHARROTERS ARE GAY!)

"Joan, we have to go and fight your dad," Ward told me and we leaf. I was in the car crying hard and my check was wet. Ward looked at me with a sexah eye.

"We will find where brain put him and get hime out." Ward said, But I was ova tired to get dad out of jail becase brian kept beating.

"WE HAVE TO KULL BRIAN!" Alice said and we agreed.


Erin: Stop tiring to make my charroters gay, they aren't homo, u sinnars.

Brewdening Love Chapper 35

A/N: HEY EVERY1!!!11111 I have bean weigh because it twaz the seeson and I and the folks headed to a friend of the family's farm for the holidays! They had ducks and shit, it was totally awesome. And a late Marry Chritmas! Everyone, please hank Jesus for being our salvation many a year a go. Coz it was his birday and we need to remember him. No one likes an ungrateful do they? No one wants to be Jewdas-like! OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111>!? But now I am back now, and omg I saw New Moon over the brek too. OMFG WARD IS SO HOT IN THAT and I guess Taylob is too but meh, WARD IS AWESOME!11 I hope 1 day I can meet Rob Pattersun.


ERin: OK, SPECIAL NOTE! It's been a while sinse I wrote some of this so I forgot some things. Blame the ducks hahah!1 Um so yeah, the story happen now 3 months later and yeah.

Edwoe was shitting in the car and I was beside hymn.

"We can get married soon, my sweat." I said coercingly, happi ass becoz we would be marryed and then God wouldn't hate us for having made love (ERIN PLEASE REVIEW: Did I make Bella do that?). Becoz making love is not a sin when you are merryed.

We went to my dads hose and he was at the table. I was glad he had been resued from Brian but yeah he was still a bit of a douche to me.

"Joan! Jone!" He called thankfully, as I walked past. I was wearing a long blue carthagian with a long black miniskirt so we went to my rom and shut the door. I rolled my emerad eyes under my lushous leyelashes. He seriously needs to chill, it was Ward who did most of the saving anyway, and by allowing us to marry (and thus making it cool with God) with his blessing he had already thanked him. I looked over and Jenny was sitting the bed, modenstly dress as she had just came from Father James Holden's prayer service (Erin: It is Sunday.)

"Oh my god Joan!" She shriveled as she ran ab jump hugged me, "Joan, how was your trip in the countryside? I missed you so much girl!"

"Yeah I mossed you too." I replied.

"Oh heyo Joan!" Said Becca, who was behind Jenny and i hadnt noticd.

"Oh hi!" I said.

"Hello ladys." Ward charmed at them. They sooned.

"Hello Wao!!!!111" They blissfully said backwards to him.

"I was the country too!" He beamed.

"OH! I missed you 2!" Denny said as she went over and gave him a quick, PLUTON HUG. She then backed off to the bed and we all sat down.

"How is Em?" "Oh good" She replied. We would be going that night to see the other Cullens at dinner. Jen loves Em.

We spent hours talking about the past few months and reliving our memories. Going to Forks High. Fighting Jomes. Rome. Jay and me. Brian and the kidnapping. It was awesome, and we al even watched Gossip Girl for a bit, the episode where Hillary D came into it was on and that made Becca really hapy (Enir: she thinks H Duff is awesome but I dunno I think she's lost her touch recently, probably because she's sort of unwholesome now you know? Sorry becca, I know you like her but um yeah sorry). We talked and talked and taked.

I looked over to Ward, and smiled. He was so handsome and perfect, and I will one day be his wife.

But then in my mind there was Jay instead of Ward and!


Erin: SOOOO what do you think faithfol reeders?! I wished you all a merry Chrisntmas, and I hop you had a good time til mow!1 :3

Brewdening Love 36

NOT JAY@!!!!! I scrome, running out the room as much as posible.

Edward came after me, and grabbed my arm. His vice grib was soft and passionatly cold. I turned to hymn tears rivers upon my fae. How could I have betrailed hymn?!

"Wat do you mean 'Not J?" He asked concened.

I cried. "I fought Jay was hot when I locked at you insteed of you was hotwhen I looked at you!"

Ward looks at me in surprise and utter disbeleaf. His beatiful rogue lips began to quiver softly, and his olluring Amber eyes frosted with tears. He was almost cring; I had hurt him so badly and I didn't know what to do :'(

He turned from me brewdingly. "Bella," He said, "I am hurt. You found me not sexah?!"

He turned around and had unbuttoned the front of his shirt. He lay bare to me lik a cream pasty of manliness, so delous and loving. His abnobnimals were twitching in angxiety, as were his large manly peckers. I wanted to caress hymn and tell that I love hymn and was sorry but I didn no what to do about it! T_T (Erin: That sadness expreshun is from anime but I'm not a weeboo ok?!

I fell into his arms and cried. "I am sorry Ward, I'm sorry I ever dobed your sexahnes...I didn't men too."

He shoved me away, and I felt like the dust bitah rtiin the world. "I love you 2, Joan," He spat at me sorta, "But you need to sort out who you really loaf. DO IT NOW!" He creamed and ran out the window, leaving me alone with the others who had come oput to check the conmotion. I cried at them.

O o o o o o o o o O

"You alright to go in there hun?" Becca, who patted me cumforting. I nodded if there was one thing I had to do it was sort out who I lived althogh I new I loved Ward and NOT JAY. JAY IS AN EVIL DOG BITCH WHO IS FAT AND UGLY AND MEAN AND HAS DIRTY DKRTY HARE!!! I kissed Becca good bye and left her Mufstang. I went inside the beutiful church, hopping to receve help from the place I had gotten it very otter time. Tis the Glory of Thyne Lord, to look after His Sheep (Somewhere in Job). Fatter Holden was weighing for me in the ater. "I pleasured you came!" He said wehn he saw me. "You have bean a god Christina and God is also merry at you." I blanked. "He told you?" Father Holden laughed. He has a nice laugh. "He told me? Yes, he did through the teavcings he laid out for us, and you so honorably fillow. Is this about Weed?" I cried and felt into the good father's arms, take us both to the ground crashingly after hitting the alter on the way down. I apollogised. "I'm so sorry Fatter!" I gased. He said it was alright. "It's, what is this about Ward, dear Erni?" I told him; I couldn't pick between the irresistabley, sexah Ward and the nasty, ugly yet somehow also kind of sexah and devoted Jay. He nodded. I assued him I wouldn't do anything nasty like EVAL SINNING THONGS until we got marrid. He smilled. "I know them both and they are both good Christians. There is no real difference betwen the purity of their heats. You will have to think Joan; do you love Ward or Jay? If one of them was going to save, and you could only save one, who would you die?" Ward. No. Jay. Ward. Jay. WaedJayWadJomeswards-BAH! I didn't know. He put a hand on my shoulder, undersaningly. He took my outside, and up the hill. "Joan, when I am faced with diffcult desision I cannot deside, I stand here where the sun shines brightest and let the lord guide me. I think this is where you should do now. "Ok." I said. I stood and closed my bautiful emerald eyes. I felt the sun shine warmly on my peach cream skin, my long aubum hare and my totally hot Victoria Bekham design, with sliming balck at the waste and a gorgous angular skirt that daggers at the ground. I stodd, and thought. I felt the words come to me as the warm golden light shone upon me. I looked up at the sky. Both Ward and Jay were standing there large like those dream sequents TV shows have. They were both shitless and hawt but smelling down at me innocently as well. I smil back and waved. I gased, because in my head it seamed like the nice light was actually coming specifically from (Erin: Edited out to keep ya guessing!)!!!  He was the one golden showering me in this !

I scremed in joy and ran down the hill and into Beccas car, telling her that no matter how much lipstick she had on her lips would always look a bit ugly so to drop the fucking lippy and to drive to (Eirn: EDITED)'s Place so I could tell hymn!!!!!!111 I thanked god.




NOOOOO, wardy was leafing me for another gril and it WAS JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wok up creaming becos of the drem. I new ward woodnt leaf me for Jenny becos I am hoter than Jenny anyway. I got out of bed and wen to the barthroom to get cleen and not think abot Ward leafing me.


I weny to scool and ward was ther in him car. I went over to him and he lacked

Wgats rong? I asked concerndly.

Nothing, He said anger and brewdinglu. I dint like it.

Look Erin, we nead to talk abot things." Ward sad growly.

What do yu meen sexah?" I assed and flucked my eyes sexahly at his diection.

JOAN I DOT LOV YOU ANYMORE!! He cvreamed at me and then he ran sexahly away.

I feel to the grond and cried rivers of water from my eye. WHY DINT HE LOVE ME ANYMORE???

And then Jenny cam and raped her arm arounf my chess.

Whats wron joan? She assed best friendly like.

WARDS LEAFT ME I slopped at her fase with my hard.

Jenny looked hut but I think she understool. I dint care but because i no she wanted to steel ward away form me anywy.


I ran home a cired all the way. I ran to me rom and slemmed the door so my alcoholic dad coudnt com in an lectur me. He was at worek anyway, he was a lawyer so he wood bew home late. (ERIN: JOANS DAD IS NOY GAY WITH BRAIN!!!!! JUST BECOASE YOR AN ALCOHLIC DOSENT MAKE U GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I on my bed and smashed into the pillow. I was so anger that I coud kull Ward but that was aganst the Lords teechings. Then I loked on the foor and ther was a card. Then I had an idea, the VOLTIRE COUD HALP ME!!! AND THEY COLD KULL BRIAN SO THAT SINNARS WOOD STOP MAKING MY CHARROTERS GAYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I got dressed in leether boots and blak stookings with a shiny blue miniskirt and a sexah army pint tanktop witch made my boobs lok hawt and big so Ward would be jeelous for dumping me! I then culled becca and assed if she wanned to cum to the voltares with me. She said she woold but she had to do sume maury stuff frist. I drove my car.

Becca and me were in the car and we were both amnger at Jenny for being am UN CHRISTINA BLACKSTABBING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. I decieded Becca coold be my best gfrind insteed.

We stoped the car ouitside ther valtoures house and we went inside. The valtourie were siting there wathing us.

(JOAN: I don like the valtorys names becase they are old and uglah so I gave them hawt names.) Nickalas got up and he had hawt hair wictch lookd lik gold and was wering designer jeens. I coold see becca starring at him, but the volturies were all marred so she couldt have him. All the other valturies were hawt to and wereing designer cloths escept for Ralph how was old and uglah (Enir: RALPH IS AN UGLAH NAME OK SO THATS WHY HES NAMED RALPH!!)

"WAT DO YU WANT JOAN?" nickalas assed in a boaming roaring voiuce.

"I want you to mak Edward my husband and kull brian and jenny." I aked sexahly why flucking my eyelids seductivately. I was so gald that we had wore hawt clorhs. Becca was woring an off the shalder green top and tight jeans and high heals.

The valtore were thinking when ALICE FLU INTO THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111


Wuit does alice3 want. Find out in the next exsighting chaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 NO SINNARS ALLUWED TO READ IT OK. BECOISE THEY DON'T FALLOW THE LORDS WEIGHTS AND HIS TEECHINGS AND THEY AR TYING TO BRING THE DEVAL INTO MY LIF!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111