Bellas Baby

by ErinOfTheCullenClan

This is a one of stoir were bella is pregnant wih a chird.


NO"Whaled Bella Swab I is pregnant!1"

Edward randown tghe stairs and flew towards me likw a ghetto blaster. "Edward" He yelled in panic "What is wrong?"

I cried al over him and put my face into hio neck crevass. "I...I...I...I...I...I AM PREGNANT WITH FEATUS!"

Edward looked into my cold dedicate eyes and I looked into his frosty warm eyes and eyes and I cried into his furrowed breasts.

He patted me like a dog reassuingly.

"There there my dear sweat Blla, we will figure baby out."

I cried. "But I'm a vampire now, and Esmerte was a miracle WHY AM I BABYING AGAIN!"

I called Alice. "Alice I'm with pregnant."

She cried and we all cried together. "I'm so sorry but hey she'll be a miracle like Esmememe

But I knew she would NOT BE MIRACLE CHILD! I would feel it in my falopeons that the thing I caiied now was pure evil; a somehow curse put on me years abo by evil james!

IT IS THE DEVIL BABY OF JOMS! I screamed and everyone gasped.

"We will abort it then!"

NO ABORT, NO ABORT Edward screamed "It's MY CIHLD!"

I looked at him like he was a playa. "Foo it ain't be your baby because

I'm the morther fatters don't have rights to unborn babets!"

Edward cried so I pity kissed him, and nodded to Alice and we flew to the magical abortion England!11111

Professor McGooglule came out and we told her and she gasped.

"Here drink this" She produced a potion from her front pocket sac "And bab will be cured/

So I drank it and I felt shills go through me and then baby and evil evil evil was gone from my tummy! I went back to Edward and Emsere and smiled knowing Jomes had not managed to voodoo pregars me anymore


I dot beleve in aborton but bella is a dirry hure and she was haven Jomes bab so its ok to abort then