It has come to our seeking eyes that you have created a blasphemous, idiotic delusion centered upon your unhealthy obsession with Twilight. It insults us, but we will be, as always, benevolent. We will allow you to reconsider your thoughts, and once again be a morally straight, sane, rational being. We see pity, as we scour your demented articles, and, subtly manipulated most of them to not insult religion. We are nauseated by your devotion, it revolts us. We have given you enough time. This message serves as an intervening message. Plenty of time. We will wait.

IcedCoffee17 (talk) 13:26, April 1, 2013 (UTC)CollectiveoftheBlackLeaves

(Disclaimer): We are not a cult, we are simply a proxy for someone. We are used to symbolize the differrent points of view that people can have. We are the Collective. I am one. We are many. By the way, please rethink your lives. And if you are suddenly thrust into a dark location where you must find stuff while being chased by 0101001101101100011001010110111001100100011001010111001000100000010011010110000101101110, we are not responsible and our fascination with the enigmatic and unknown creature is simply recreational, and used for our school pranks. Black Leaves, out.

Thank you, Black Leaves. A little bit more information: When you find yourself in that place, no-one can help you, not even your precious Cullens. Once he's on you, there's no escape. You can never truly leave his grasp. For he always watches.