To any Twitards who come to the wiki.

To Twitards:Edit

It has come to our attention that the wiki is being trolled.That is great, but us trolls need to know if the creators of the wiki are going to surrender and take it down for good.

We have a different opinion from you, which is normally ok. But you ceaselessly bombard us with shitty fan fiction, go on and on about your precious edward and some fans even attack anyone who does not like twilight. Appalling, simply appalling.

The Twilight saga has ended for good (Yay!), yet you still blabber on and on.We are going to keep trolling until you take the wiki down. Respond to us on a new page and tell us if you surrender or not.

Surrender Now Twitards.

Make your move.

From the Trolls

Keep this in mind....Edit

We have different opinions from you all. Not all Twilight fans are like some of you, but we will troll if we have to.